Oversized Paper Flower Tutorial

How to Make Large Paper Flowers By Hand or With a Cricut

Learn How to Create Stunning Oversized Paper Flowers from Cardstock Using FREE SVG Files.

Cut them by hand or with a Smart Cutting Machine. I’ll teach you everything from creating a flower center to making a sturdy base to hang the flowers from.

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Paper flowers make a jaw-dropping statement at events, in home decor, and they are perfect for decorating a nursery! Easily create them out of cardstock and add a pop of color to any room.

After hundreds of requests over the past few months, I’m finally sharing my Giant Paper Flower Tutorial. These flowers are SO fun to make and they are surprisingly easy! With just a few materials you can create one-of-a-kind party decor on a budget!

First, let’s talk about paper for this project! It’s important to use the right kind of paper, so you get great results! I use Bazzill Cardstock from JOANN for all of my flowers.

You can purchase it online in a 25 pack or in person by the piece. I’d recommend ordering it online by the package to guarantee that you end up with enough of each color for each flower. I like to watch for sales on paper and stock up during the sale!

You’ll need about 20 pages for a large flower. I like to cut as many petals as possible from each page to save on waste. If you’re using a Cricut, take a minute to rearrange the images on the mats so that you can fit multiple petals to each mat.


Let’s get started!

Begin by downloading the Free SVG or PDF Files. You can upload the SVG files to your smart cutting machine or download the PDF, print it off and use it as a guide to hand cut the flowers.

In this tutorial, I used a combination of cutting flowers by hand and cutting them with my Cricut machine.

There are benefits to both methods. With the Cricut machine, you get perfectly rounded edges and it does an amazing job cutting the more intricate leaves. The downside is it takes a bit of time to load and unload the mats, but the results are perfectly cut petals and leaves.

Cutting by hand allows you to cut multiple sheets at the same time which saves time, but the results are the edges of the flowers are a bit more jagged. It’s up to you which method you use!

If you are using a Cricut, upload all of the SVG files to Design Space. There’s a variety of different sizes of petals and leaves. You can use them as is or you can resize them.

How to Construct a Large Paper Flower

Cut Out Flower Petals

Begin by cutting out all of the petals for your flowers.

To create a large rose with a closed center use the following cutting guide.

  • Small – 8 Petals
  • Medium – 8 Petals
  • Large – 5-7 Petals
  • X-Large – 8 Petals

For a medium sized rose, skip the X-Large petals.

I always like to cut a few extra petals just in case one gets damaged while you are creating the flower.

Create 3-D Petals

Using a wooden dowel or the end of a spatula, curl the edges of the flower petals to give them a realistic shape. You can do this with several petals stacked at once.

Repeat until all of the petals have been shaped.

Cut a slit into the bottom of the petals on the medium, large and x-large petals about 2 inches deep.

Add a drop of hot glue to one side and overlap the slits. Hold the paper in place until the hot glue cools.

The Medium and Large petals should have their curved edges bending backward while the medium sized petals should bend forwards. This will help to create a more realistic looking flower.

Assemble Paper Flower

Glue two small petals together with ends overlapping slightly. Add two more petals to create a T.

Carefully lift one petal upwards and curl it inwards onto itself. Place a dot of hot glue on the leaf to secure the leaf in place. *You can see this step deomonstrated more clearly in the video tutorial.

Continue curling each petal around the center petal to create a rose bud.

With the other 4 petals create a slightly larger T by connecting just the ends instead of overlapping them. 

Place the rosebud in the center of the T and continue making the rose bud. Each petal should be a slightly more open than the previous petal.

Flip the flower over and begin gluing petals to the back of the rose bud using the medium-sized templates.

Create the Flower Base

Create the base for the flower by attaching wire to a cake plate. This will give the flower a sturdy base and allow it to be easily hung on a wall.

Begin with the X-Large petals and evenly spread them along the edge of the cake base. The petals should be curling away from center of the flower.

Using the Large petals, create a slightly smaller circle taking care to stager them to fill in any holes.

Attach the rose bud to the center of the cake plate with plenty of hot glue.

Fill in any holes with extra petals. 

To create a flower with a sparkly center, just skip the rosebud center and attach all petals to the cake plate starting from the largest to the smallest. Curl the edges of the flower center to give it more dimension and glue it to the center.

You can hang the flowers using command strips to avoid damaging your walls.

I can’t wait to see what you create with this tutorial.

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Stop by JOANN in person or online to get all of the supplies you need for tis fun project!

DIY Giant Paper Rose Flower Tutorial Using Cardstock. Cut by hand or with a cricut. Free SVG and PDF



  1. This is awesome!

  2. Hi, thank you for the template but I have a question in regards to the direction. After the 8 petals to make the bud. Then you go the med template and flip to the flower to glue the first 4 when you wrap do they have the 2 in slot? And is it like the t method you use on the first 8 petals? It’s confusing thank you for your assistance!