DIY Girls Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial using Spoonflower Watercolor Fabric

Back to School DIY Circle Skirt with Spoonflower

DIY Girls Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial using Spoonflower Watercolor Fabric

I’ve been dying to try out Spoonflower’s fabrics for quite some time now, and this Spoonflower Back to School blog tour was the perfect opportunity to do so! I’m a huge fan of the watercolor floral craze that’s sweeping the nation right now, so I instantly knew which prints I would want to work with! I love that Spoonflower supports small artists and gives you a huge variety of choices in not only designers but also fabrics.

All three of my fabric choices came from the very talented designer The Art Werks. I’ll just wait a minute while you swoon over all of her beautiful designs!

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Spoon flower Back to School Blog Tour

First up is the gorgeous navy blue floral design. I ordered this design on Modern Jersey because I wanted the fabric to have stretch but also have a certain amount of drape. This fabric is really quite soft and has great recovery. I’ll be honest, I was pretty skeptical about how well this fabric would wash seeing that it’s such a dark print…but the color held strong after the wash so I’m very pleased with the results.

Next, is this beautiful watercolor design in a minty green and blue. It really is the perfect coordinate for the floral skirt. I ordered this print on a cotton spandex jersey. It has less drape and is a bit more sturdy than the modern jersey which makes it perfect for a t-shirt.

Finally, I ordered this really fun pink floral border print in a lightweight twill. If you’ve been following along with me for awhile, you probably already know about my affinity for border prints! I just can’t seem to say no. I’m already dreaming up an adorable pleated skirt for myself in this pattern. Looks like I need to order some more of this fabric!

I’m super excited to share a tutorial to make your very own knit circle skirt today. Did I mention how incredibly easy this skirt is to make???


(Matching Drawstring Bag Tutorial here)

First, measure the waist of person you will be sewing for, then find the coordinating waist measurement on the chart. If you fall in between measurements, round down. Next, measure from the waist to the knee to calculate the skirt length, make sure to add 1 inch to account for seam allowances.

Circle Skirt Radius Calculator Girls Kids Size

You can find the Women’s chart here.

Fold the fabric in half aligning the raw edges together.

DIY Girls Circle Skirt Sewing Pattern and Tutorial Spoonflower Fabric The Art Werks

Grab a ruler and a fabric marker. We will be drawing the waistline in. Determine the waist measurement using the chart above (mine was 3″ for my 3-year-old). Align the edge of the ruler with the edge of the fabric and slowly pivot the ruler to draw in the waist. Now it’s time to mark the skirt hem. For reference, the skirt I made for my 3-year-old was 14″ long. Start on one side and align the edge of the ruler with the skirt waistline marking and slowly draw the hemline.

Cut along both lines. Repeat this process with the other skirt piece. You will end up with a front and a back.

With right sides together, pin the skirt front and back together. Sew both sides using a 3/8th-inch seam allowance.

Time to cut out the waistband! The width of the waistband will be the same width as the waist measurement by 3″. Make sure to cut it with the greatest stretch going across the width of the waistband.

Cut the elastic 1 inch shorter than the waist measurement. 

Sew the short ends of the waistband together using a 3/8th-inch seam allowance. If your fabric rolls and makes it hard to work with, spray it with a heavy starch. Quarter the waistband and mark with pins. Repeat with the skirt waist.

Align the waistband and the skirt together using the pins as a guide. Sew together the waistband and skirt leaving a 2-inch gap to insert the elastic. Thread the elastic through the waistband using a safety pin to guide it through. Pull both ends out and overlap the elastic by one inch, sew together with a zig zag stitch. Sew the waistband opening closed.

Now, it’s time to hem the skirt. There are two options for this. Since knit fabric doesn’t unravel you can leave it unhemmed, or you can hem it. I prefer to hem my circle skirts because it gives it a cleaner finish. Don’t worry, I’ll share my super helpful tip for hemming circle skirts that makes it a breeze!

Increase the stitch length to the highest setting the sewing machine will allow. Sew a basting stitch 1/4 inch from the raw edge of the hem. Carefully pull the bottom thread to slightly gather the edge of the fabric. The hem should begin to curl up as it eases in the fullness. Pin the hem up 5/8th inches evenly and then sew it from the front side 1/2 inch from the edge.

Press all seams well with plenty of steam.

Easy free back to school girls DIY Circle Skirt Tutorial and Drawstring Tote Bag using Spoonflower custom printing.

DIY Girls Circle Skirt Sewing Tutorial using Spoonflower Watercolor Fabric

Click here to get the bag tutorial.

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