DIY Necktie Scarf

I’ve been dying to try out the scarf necktie trend and after making a skirt out of this fabric I had just enough left over to create a fun necktie.


This tutorial is incredibly simple and it yields the most
adorable results! Are you ready to get started?


1 Yard of Fabric

Scissors or Rotary


Sewing Machine


For the necktie to work best, you need a fabric that’s lightweight and has a bit of drape to it.

Fabrics that would work well for this project include silk, chiffon, voile, and rayon challis.

Begin by cutting your fabric 30 inches by 30 inches.


You can double check the length of the scarf before you begin sewing it by folding it in half into a triangle. Roll the scarf up and then tie it around your neck with a loose double knot. At this point, you can get an idea if you need to shorten it or not.

With the wrong side of the fabric facing upwards press a 3/8th-inch seam allowance along all four sides.

Use an iron with plenty of steam to set the hem. Repeat the process again to
completely enclose the raw edges of the hem.

If your fabric is slinky or harder to work with you can sew a basting stitch 3/8th inch from the raw edge and use this as a guide to help you get an accurate and consistent hem.

Pin the hem in place and sew along the hem 1/4th inch away from the edge of the fabric.

When you come to the corner put the needle in the down position, raise the presser foot and turn the fabric.

Once the entire scarf has been sewn, press it again with a hot iron.
To wear it, fold it in half to create a triangle. Roll up the triangle beginning at the widest part. Tie around your neck using a double knot.


I hope you enjoyed this quick and easy scarf tutorial!

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