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Learn How To Sew a Modern Baby Bandana Bib

I’m excited to share this adorable fabric collection from Riley Blake Designs created by Christopher Thompson of The Tattooed Quilter with you today!

Hello Baby is filled with fun florals and adorable baby prints! It’s perfect for sewing for baby shower gifts or decorating a nursery. I love the modern color palette of pinks and blues in this fabric collection.

NOTE: Stay tuned for the entire free baby bundle collection of sewing patterns. I’ll be releasing a baby burp cloth pattern, bib, and an adorable baby hat pattern very soon!

Hello Baby Christopher Thompson Riley Blake Fabric The Tattooed Quilter

These are some of my favorite combinations right here! I adore the pretty florals and of course the dependable, pink mixer complete with symbols, shapes, such as Hearts, Squares, Triangles, Half Moons, Clovers, X’s, O’s, & V’s.

Hello Baby Christopher Thompson Riley Blake Fabric The Tattooed Quilter

Don’t even get my husband started on that BABY banner fabric, he is ALL IN for anything baby/banner/sports related. And it’s just SO perfect for welcoming a new baby, right!?

Hello Baby Christopher Thompson Riley Blake Fabric The Tattooed Quilter
Bandana Baby Bib Supplies

2 Fat Quarters Contrasting Cotton Fabrics

Snaps and Snap Pliers

Sewing Machine


Thermoweb Fabric Fuse



Free Baby Bandana Bib Pattern

Baby Accessories Sewing Patterns

Learn How To Sew a Modern Baby Bandana Bib

Download the PDF pattern and print it.

To make a two-sided pattern as shown above, print off two patterns and tape them together. I like to print it off of cardstock for a sturdier pattern that can be used over and over. Make sure to choose the correct size.

Stack two pieces of fabric on top of each other and lay the pattern on top. Pin it in place or use a pattern weight.

Using a pair of scissors or a rotary blade and mat cut around the pattern.

Free Baby Bandana Bib Sewing Pattern

I cut one floral piece of fabric and a striped piece of fabric for the back.

Place the bib pieces on top of each other with right sides together. Pin around the entire bib.

Easy Baby Bib Sewing Patterns

Sew around the bib using a 3/8ths-inch seam allowance. When you reach the point of the bib, lower the needle,  lift the foot and pivot the fabric.

This will help you to create a sharp point.

Leave a two-inch opening along one side of the bib for turning.

Easy Baby Patterns to Sew for Free

Trim down the seam allowance along the entire bib excluding the part that has not been sewn.

At the tip of the bib snip the fabric horizontally close to, but not through the stitching.

Free Baby Bib Sewing Pattern

Turn the bib right side out by gently pulling it through the opening.

Newborn Baby Sewing Patterns

Close the opening with Thermoweb Fabric Fuse.Free Sewing Patterns for Baby Clothes

Using an awl, create a hole in the fabric half an inch from the finished seam. Repeat on the opposite side.

Free Baby Sewing Patterns PDF Bandana Bib

Place the front of the snap on the front of the fabric and the back of the snap on the back of the fabric. Repeat this step on the other side but in the opposite direction.

Using a set of snap pliers set the snaps in place.

There you have it, an adorable Baby Bandana Bib!

Baby Bib Sewing Pattern FREE Download

So get started! Bandana Bibs are super trendy for baby showers right now, and I’ll be honest, there is NOTHING more fulfilling than HAND-making something for your glowing friend’s baby shower.

Remember, in the coming weeks, stay tuned for THREE more patterns that I will be releasing! There will be a burp cloth pattern, another bib and an adorable baby hat pattern.

Free Bandana Bib Easy Sewing Pattern and Step-by-Step Tutorial













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