The Terra Tunic

Love Notions Terra Tunic Boat Neck 3/4 length sleeve PDF Sewing Pattern

I have this obsession with stripes this year, but can you really blame me? In light of my recent obsession, I’ve gathered quite the collection of striped fabric and it’s been waiting ever-so-patiently to be sewn. Once I saw the line drawing for the new Terra Tunic from Love Notions, I immediately ran to my sewing room to grab my fabric. Running to my sewing room probably wasn’t my greatest idea, considering my living room floor was littered with baby dolls, books and blocks. I narrowly escaped stepping on legos which is kind of like a near-death experience. Whew!

Terra Tunic Sewing Pattern Love Notions Elbow Patches Boat Neck White and Mint Stripe

I pulled out my scrap bin hoping that I’d have just enough of my mint and white striped Liverpool fabric from this dress left over to squeeze out a Terra Tunic. Boy, was I right…it really was a close squeeze; I actually had to cut an inch off of the back hem allowance, though it didn’t change the actual length since the hem is 2.5 inches deep. I did, however, take an inch from the torso and the arms of this top to better fit my petite height.

You can find the mint and cream fabric here and the navy fabric here.

Terra Tunic Sewing Pattern Love Notions Elbow Patches Boat Neck White & Mint Stripe

I also chose a beautiful navy blue and turquoise Ponte de Roma that I’ve been holding onto for about 2 years. I really love how warm and cozy this top is! I made no alterations to the length of my navy tunic. Both tunics were paired with some cognac suede elbow patches for a fun finishing touch.

I made a size small (35″, 28.5″, 38″ ) My measurements happen to be exactly the same as the Love Notions size chart which really works in favor of my pear-shaped body.

After digging through my overflowing stash of buttons, I couldn’t seem to find anything that I loved for either of these tunics, so I headed to JoAnn’s with coupons in hand. I scoured the entire button section looking for the perfect fit. I finally settled on 8 different sets of buttons. I took them all home with me so I could audition each set. Sometimes I find that making a decision in the store can be hurried and I end up regretting my original decision. I like to ensure that I have options once I’m at home and have a little more time to mull it over. Plus, I really don’t mind adding to my button collection. I finally settled on adding these gold buttons for my Mint Tunic and I’m in love! These oversized brass buttons were the perfect addition to my Navy blue tunic and I think both sets of buttons really complement the elbow patches.

Love Notions PDF Sewing Pattern Terra Tunic Ponte De Roma Fabric Navy Blue and Turquoise

I was impressed by just how quickly the Terra Tunic sews together! I finished each of my tunics during separate nap times. Somehow the stars aligned and all three of my children decided to nap at the same time. Yes, miracles really do still exist. The Terra Tunic features side vents and a chunky hem that gives you adequate booty coverage. I’m a leggings kind of girl in the winter time but I will only wear leggings if my bum is totally covered and this top is the perfect length for just that! The Terra Tunic is a straight-fitting top, it’s not too oversized and it’s also not too fitted; it’s situated perfectly in the middle.

Terra Tunic Sewing Pattern Love Notions

This pattern comes with a variety of different neck options, 6 to be exact and using a different weight of fabric can change the look entirely.

Ladies size XS-XXXL

6 Neckline Options: scoop, v-neck, asymmetrical, boat neck and v-neck hood.

4 Sleeve Lengths: short, elbow, 3/4 and long sleeve

Deep Hem with Side Vents

Optional Welt Pockets and Elbow Patches

Grab the Terra Tunic HERE while it’s on sale! (Aff. Link)

Which option would you sew up first?

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17 thoughts on “The Terra Tunic”

  1. These look fabulous! I love the wide stripes and the buttons! This is totally a look I would go for… Alas I just bought a pattern for myself. I going to try to wait on this one…

    On the lego note… Seriously a deadly toy! I rate the pain of stepping on toys on levels related to lego pain.

  2. Gorgeous! I love these shirts, they look so pretty on you. I can totally relate to the whole booty coverage thing. I love wearing leggings but really need a long shirt in order to feel comfortable in them. 🙂

  3. Beautiful work, as always. I love Love Notions patterns and own many of them and I for sure will buy this one, too, even though I have never yet worn anything I’ve made myself out of the house! If only she sold confidence, too, lol.

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you, Gail! It took me a few try’s before I could wear my handmade’s out in public. I hope you get there soon! I’m sure you do a great job!

  4. I love the buttons you chose and the elbow pads. I think the first version I’d make is the boatneck with a 3/4 sleeve option. These two look great!

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you, Ajaire! The buttons and elbow pads are my favorite part! I need to try out the 3/4 sleeve length next.

  5. Those look so cozy! I love the buttons you picked, and the elbow patches are a fun detail. I hate stepping on Legos! But I’d rather walk through a room full of Legos than step on a goat’s head thorn- those things make Legos seem like a velvet carpet!

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