How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

Learn How to Make a Scrub Cap With This Free PDF Pattern, Sewing Tutorial, and Step-By-Step Video. Scroll down for all the info!

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

As many of you know, healthcare workers globally are struggling to find the scrubs and masks they need to perform their duties. Not only on the front lines of the Covid-19 crisis, but also at secondary medical facilities. Shipping dates for medical scrubs and masks can be anywhere from 6-12 weeks! We must act before that!

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How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Doctors, surgeons, nurses, and others have reached out to me about a pattern for a scrub cap. Many of you talented seamstresses and sewists are ready and willing to sew! And even for the beginners out there, we can do this! This scrub cap pattern is meant for everyone! Thank you for giving back however you can!

Scrub Cap Supplies

Download the FREE PDF Pattern Here!

Watch the video on how to make a scrub cap below!

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 1. Print off & Tape Together the FREE PDF Pattern

Download the Free PDF pattern to your computer. Open it up, print at 100% with no scaling. Tape the Pattern together by lining up the stars and black lines

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 2. Cut out Pattern & Fabric for your Scrub Cap

Cut along the black line on both pattern pieces. Layout two pieces of fabric in front of you.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Each piece of fabric should be folded in half. Align the larger edge of the pattern piece with the folded fabric.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Pin it in place and cut around it. Open the remaining fabric and cut the remaining pattern piece out of one layer of the lining and the main fabric.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

You should end up with a total of 4 pieces of fabric.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 3. Transfer Markings & Darts

NOTE: Please watch the YouTube video HERE to understand where to exactly mark the darts.

Transfer all markings from the patterns to the fabric with a washable marking pen. The markings will help you to align the pattern pieces together in the following steps.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Fold the fabric in half with right sides facing and pin the darts in place. Starting at the widest point sew the dart following the marking, leave a tail of thread and double knot it to secure the dart. Repeat this on lining fabric as well.

Step 4. Sew Darts on your Scrub Cap

Press the darts on the main fabric towards the center, press the darts on the lining fabric outwards. This will reduce the bulk when they are placed on top of each other.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy
How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 5. Align Right Sides Together

Place the tie pattern piece right side up in front of you. Lay the oval-shaped pattern piece on top of it (with right sides facing) aligning the centers and markings together.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Pin the pieces together. Repeat this step with the lining fabric.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 6. Sew Ties to your Scrub Cap

Sew the fabrics together using a 3/8″ seam allowance backstitch at the beginning and end. Press the seam and repeat with the lining.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Notch the rounded top of the cap on the main and lining fabrics.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 7. Sew Leaving 3” Opening

With Right sides together place the lining inside of the main fabric. Line up the ties and the bottom of the cap. Pin everything in place. Leave a 3″ opening along the side. Sew all the way around.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy
How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 8. Turn your Scrub Cap Right Side Out

Clip all corners and right-angles. Turn the cap right-side out through the 3” unsewn opening.

Hint: Use a pen or turning tool to push out the straps.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 9. Press your Scrub Cap

Press all of the seams to give the cap a clean finish.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Step 10. Finish Opening & Topstitch your Scrub Cap

Finish the opening with a slipstitch or by topstitching 1/4″ from the edge around the entire cap.

How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

Now that you’ve finished your scrub cap, sew a matching face mask here!

Don’t forget to join my face mask Facebook group where you can show us what you’re making, ask questions, and learn from others! Follow me on Instagram for daily crafting inspiration and a look behind the scenes.


How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy
How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial featured by top US sewing blog, Sweet Red Poppy

154 thoughts on “How to Make a Scrub Cap: FREE Sewing Pattern and Tutorial”

    1. I am unable to download the pattern from the site–The link brings me to a download page but it doesn’t work. The page asks for my information but there is no place to put it.. so I can’t get the pattern. Can someone please send me the pattern or advise me as to how I can get it. Thanks!

          1. Barbara Piveteau

            I want to watch the instruction video but its asking for my ctedit card. I thought this was a free pattern and instruction video

  1. how can I get the instructions to the DIY Surgical Scrub cap. to print it off internet is twenty pages. thank you very much for your help.

    1. After you click on the Print button, go to the drop down box, next to “Pages”, select ‘Custom’ instead of ‘All’. Then select your range. I only printed 4 – 11 which gave me the pattern layout on the fabric, through the end of the instructions. I didn’t need the first few pages or the comments.

      1. Hi…. the only pages that show for me are for the pattern only, Would someone be so kind and send me a copy? I have the basic idea, but It’s always good to have the printed directions. Thank you so much.

        1. Can I also get the printed version please? If I download I also only get the pattern but no instructions. Would someone be so kind to mail them please : Thanks a lot!
          Also…How can I get notifications when someone puts an answer on my post please?THANK YOU

        1. When you cut out pattern, you’ll need a top and a liner. After sewing together and turning right side out, it will cover the raw edges.

    2. Gayle Linklater

      I tried 3 fitted face mask patterns before finding yours. Your pattern is the easiest best fitting mask off all. Thank you so very much for sharing with us. I am in Australia and we are coming into winter so these will be much needed. Thanks again. Gayle

    3. I also would also like the instructions. I have printed the pattern. My information is also below. Thank you so much!

      1. Thank you so much for the pattern & looking forward to make it love it your name Sweet Red Poppy I have printed some masks before lots of my friends bought my masks & asking for more

    4. A serger will help with the raw edges… you can also opt for different seam finishes, such as a a zig zag stitch, pinking the seams in order to prevent frayed edges, a French seam, or a flat fell seam. It all depends on where the raw edge is located. However, I would highly recommend investing in a seger. Not only will your fabrics be more durable with each wash, it will also save you a ton of time…. happy sewing love!!

    1. Thank you so much for making this available. My sister is an RN and because of the shortage can’t get any. I am hoping I can surprise her with a couple. I will be seeing by hand as I don’t have a sewing machine. Thank you again

      1. Thanks for sharing this pattern /tutorial. I made the scrub cap but I found it’s quite bulky at the top, any suggestions how I can fix this? I clipped all around the “round edge” as shown in the video, but its still bulky.

  2. Thank you so much for this information and the pattern. Our hospital is in great need of these!! I wouldn’t be able to help if it weren’t for you!!

    1. After you click on the Print button, go to the drop down box, next to “Pages”, select ‘Custom’ instead of ‘All’. Then select your range. I only printed 4 – 11 which gave me the pattern layout on the fabric, through the end of the instructions. I didn’t need the first few pages or the comments.

        1. Great scrub cap pattern. I’m making them for my co workers that have thick or long hair and its roomy enough to cover. For medium to short hair is a great fit also. Love not having to fool with elastic

  3. Thanks so much for the patterns. They will be so useful for the nurses in my family and their co-workers.

  4. Judy Gail Taylor

    Hi there, How much fabric does it take to make the caps? Oh, many people are sewing large buttons for when their ears get sore to relieve the discomfort. How would you make the face mask so that you could put a casing of sorts in case the wire or pipe cleaner goes bad?

    1. I used a piece of extra wide bias tape to make the casing. I cut it 1/2 inch longer than the pipe cleaner. (ensure you bend the ends of the pipe cleaner before measuring- it prevents it from poking the wearer). I overcase one short end. Then I zigzag stitched the bias tape to the right side of the lining. That way the pipe cleaner can be removed before washing or replaced if it is too bent.
      I sew the bias tape to the fabric before stitching anything else. My daughter is an RN in ICU. She says everyone loves them.
      Today I am making the scrub cap with her name and the mask to match as well as a dozen printed ones for her team mates.

  5. Hi. I made a cap today. Thanks for the pattern.It turned out great and my sewing group here in Port Douglas Australia will be making them for our hospital. For those asking how to print I copied and pasted into word and got it down to 10 pages.

    1. Would you adjust the size of the pattern if it were for a large man’s head? Or is there enough fabric to stretch?

  6. Hi Kimberly,
    Attempted to make hat and didn’t print to scale at 100%. I am going to remake. What is the dimensions of the actual pattern pieces?

  7. I printed 5 pages. Hit the “Download Here” Save PDF . Go to your downloads and find what you saved and print

  8. Thanks so much. My daughter in law requested some surgical scrub caps for herself and nurses at MGH Boston fighting the covid 19 virus. You’re literally a life saver!

  9. Thanks for the pattern.
    While it’s lovely and makes a really nice cap, all the nurses I’ve shown it to say lined will be way too hot. Could you modify the pattern for an unlined cap with elastic at the back? There are a few online but there I love that you have a full scale pattern to download!

  10. This is a fantastic pattern. Very well done content! Thank you for making this available for us to help our local healthcare workers on the front lines.

  11. Thank you so much! I’ve been making caps and donating them to our local hospitals since Mar 14th. I’ve been looking for a scrub cap pattern and this pattern is perfect!

  12. Hi! First I want to THANK YOU for the amazing tutorials on facemasks and scrub caps. You do a wonderful job of explaining. I have done a lot of searches and personally I think you are the best. I’m hoping that you can help me one more time.. I have several nurses who are asking for ponytail scrub caps. Do you happen to have a tutorial or even just a pattern for something like that? I did a search and couldn’t find anything so I thought I would at least ask if you could help. Everyone I get the masks to is so grateful!! I just think you’re awesome and a natural communicator. It makes sense when you explain things. Thanks again!

  13. Do you think it is necessary to use 100% cotton or could cotton Lycra be used? I’m thinking more of the hygiene, infection control aspect of this, not about the pattern.

  14. Jennifer Rosenblad

    Thank you so much for sharing this! My next door neighbor made this for me. I am an ER nurse. I am going to try too.

  15. Don’t seem able to download tutorial and video doesn’t say how or when to sew in the piece that has darts in it. Can anyone help?

  16. Thank you for the free powder! after I printed out the pages it seems like the test square is a little bit bigger than 1 in. Is that going to make a difference?

  17. Hi I work in the medical field as a nurses assistant and would like to make one of these caps for me and coworkers.

  18. I can’t seem to get the link to the video to work. Can you point me in the right direction? Thank you very much!

  19. Hello, YOU ARE AWESOME, thank you for making this pattern available. I had tried to find others but your was super easy. My mom loved hers I made a matching face mask too. Thank you again your pattern was easy to follow.

  20. Hi !
    when printing the pattern at 100% it does not agree with the 5cm square ,(measurements are not relating)
    the bottom of the top piece is only 9.4 cm and according to your instructions, should be about 12.5 cm

  21. Hello,
    I am wanting to make you surgical cap but I am really not getting how it the pattern pieces go together I line up the stars and they don’t mach up ot the lines don’t match what am I doing wrong? do you have anywhere that you are putting to pieces together slowly so I can do it along with you? I have spent hours on this already..
    Thank you Kindly :)\Shelley

  22. Great pattern and tutorial! I watched your video through before I even started, which make the project even easier to follow. Thanks so much!!

    1. Hi Jen
      I have printed off this pattern but mine do not seem to match up is there anyway you can help me to understand this more???? I have left several messages for help but never seem to get anyone..
      Thank you kindly

  23. Thank you so much for the great pattern…watched your video …very well done…can’t wait to put one together for my daughter and fellow colleagues in the hospital…during this pandemic it will be great to offer some bright and cheerful scrub hats to boost our spirits…once again thank you…

  24. How much fabric does it take to make one cap? I’m trying to source some fabric right now as my personal stash is mostly coating and crepes!

  25. Mary Helen St.Pierre

    your tutorial was awesome but I also need the dimensions for the cap please. I was hoping that this would be included.

  26. Thank you so much for the cap pattern. My niece is a nurse asking me to make her some. They have had problems getting caps and mask. I was wondering have you made any with a pony tail since she has long hair.

  27. Thanks so much! My daughter asked me to start making caps for her in OR and she has a lot of hair to hide under it, so I think this pattern is going to be a big hit.

    1. Hi. Printed pattern fine but trying to pribt the instructions with pictures & having issues because its printing out with the ad blank boxes smack in the center of the photo/text on each page. Please advise how to print without those boxes in the way. Thanks, Gloria

  28. Please email me the printed directions step by step. I made one from the video, but would appreciate printed directions. Thanks.
    It was a little tricky at the right angle spot from cap to tie. Wasn’t exactly sure how to handle that. Also what way do you suggest pressing seam of cap to band. Should tie be stitched 1/4″seam?

  29. Thank you! Just whipped a bunch for my daughter! She works in a busy ED and they need everything right now!! These will be just perfect.

  30. Thank you for the lovely pattern. Mine printed out perfectly and I sewed a cap for my daughter-in-law this afternoon. I’m ready to sew another one and with the remaining fabric, I am sewing a matching face mask for each cap. The next one that I sew for her will be with fabric that has the Eiffel Tower on it, to remind her of their honeymoon trip to Paris.

  31. Marianne Reddick

    Thank you for the tutorial.. brings me back to my prairie hat making days…Making this for a friend

  32. Thank you, this was the best pattern for the surgical cap I found. your instructions were the best. I made for my daughter.
    Blessings to you and your family.

  33. Marilee Ferguson

    Thank you Kimberly for the scrub hat pattern. My daughter is a respiratory therapist at a large teaching hospital and they are now requiring scrub hats in addition to face masks. i made her several. Your pattern came just in time. I’m a retired nurse and donated a lot of patterns to the local repurposed shop and did not have any patterns at home. Being Saturday night I resorted to google and found you and the pattern.

  34. I cannot get the pattern printed. the last screen just says fill out info below and there is nothing there.
    Please send me the pattern as soon as possible; my daughter works in the ED at Ohio State University and I’m trying to fill a need there.

  35. Hi I cannot get the pattern to print nor do I know how much material to buy. Please tell me how to print the pattern and amount of material. I love the tutorial. My granddaughter works in the emergency room and they don’t have enough to go around. thanks.

  36. Thank you for the scrub hat pattern! I am making hats for some of the nurses at our local VA Hospital. I tried a couple of other online patterns, but yours is a much better fit, and the instructions are clear and easy to follow. I so appreciate your generosity!

  37. My paramedic sister (we are in Canada) asked if I could sew her some scrub caps. With every call-out now, they have to go in with complete PPE on and it’s messing with her hair, putting all that stuff on and off all day long. (She’s all about the hair. Eye roll.) 🙂

    I googled and found 3 different patterns, yours included, and made all three for her to choose from. She choose your pattern as it was big enough and fit the nicest. I am planning to make many more for her and her co-workers.


  38. Will this pattern accommodate long hair/bun? I don’t want to make it then find out it doesn’t. My niece works as a nurse in the ICU COVID unit and is in need of caps. Thank you for the pattern!

  39. Doryce Fitzgerald

    I made one using a similar pattern. The nurse I made it for requested buttons to hook her face mask to so the mask didn’t bother her ears.

  40. Very frustrated, Im trying to download the pattern, but I get a message that my email address is invalid. What I have typed is correct. Help please. This Acute care nurse needs a something that will stay on her head.

  41. Hi! This is a great pattern and tutorial. Thank you for putting this together! My only problem is it seems kind of big. This will be for my father-in-law (so not worried about long hair fitting under it). Did anyone else find it to be too big? Maybe I don’t have the right scale.

  42. I have been sewing masks. I started out with the idea of giving them to the homeless, but then my son in law needed them for his employees at a processing plant. Now everyone seems to want one. I have made about thirty and am trying to perfect a pattern with a wire at the nose, a closer fit at the top and comfortable ear loops and ties that fit many sized heads. Also a filter. My granddaughter, a nurse, now wants a surgical cap, so she does not carry the virus home on her hair. My daughter, a nurse, also needs masks.

  43. My printing option doesn’t let me scale it to 100% Do you guys have any ideas of how to do that?

  44. Lilette Ebrahimkhan

    My name is Lilette
    Can you tell me how yo be on the group
    I have sent a massage to see if anybody can make some scrubs and gowns. For our nursing home in Wanstead
    We are in desperate need of scrubs and gowns
    I am willing to pay
    Thank you

  45. This pattern is spectacular. I’ve made several caps for myself and some of my Nurse collegues. I’ve made 5 caps so far!. All are sensational! The fit and structure is very flattering. My favourite. The fact that it is reversible makes it look a cut above the rest. When I wear it I turn up the edge giving a two tone effect. Buttons are essential too. I want to make a request…..I would love this same basic shape and pattern evolved into a Surgical Cap with ponytail version. I love ponytail and am convinced I could make it just as great myself,,,, with your assistance. Could u make this current pattern with a ponytail version and cute ribbon? I need your help and so do my fellow Nurses xo xo

  46. This is such a happy website. Since we have been cooped up experiencing social distancing, I have rediscovered sewing. Thank you for your tutorials on surgical masks and surgical scrub caps. My daughter is a nurse and she is very appreciative of both of them. I forgot how calming sewing could be. Thanks again.

  47. what are the measurements, my printer is broken, I am experienced at sewing, it would help if you put dimensions on the pictures for us to make our own pattern

  48. thank you so much for your mash and cap patterns, they have been wonderful. I have been making a bunch of caps for some nurses near by. The only odd thing I have noticed is that your pattern is longer than the fabric for me; its ok the ties aren’t as long but I just thought that was odd.

  49. I have been making mask for my nurses, family and work family. I work in criminal justice. I am not charging for my mask. I would like to make nurses the caps, but, I can’t print the pattern. I got the instructions, but need the pattern. Could you email me the pattern please. I am sorry to ask.

  50. hello just made my first one. it seems a little big for those that are on the tiny size. can I cut this down for them? would that work?

  51. Thanks so much for this pattern! It sewed up very easily and each hat got faster and faster to make. One seam was marked at 3/8 inch and I didn’t see the others marked so I did standard seams for the rest- but it was a mistake! It was really hard to turn the straps so I did 3/8 inch seams on the whole project the next time and it was much easier!

  52. Did anyone figure out how to put elastic at the back of the hat for a more snug fit? I want to make sure it holds my hair in place at work! I thought I could just put it on the inner layer, by making a casing just big enough for a narrow piece of elastic, but I’m not sure how to do it exactly. I don’t have super long hair, but it does have to be put up! Thanks!

  53. I made one of these today for my daughter …she loves it! It actually fit better when she pulled her hair in a bun underneath the cap; otherwise,it went to way low on her forehead. She asked if I could make one about an inch shorter than this( her co-workers in ED are smaller than her – she’s 5’8″) I think I will shorten it at the bottom. so as to not affect where it is sewn together. This may effect the tie part but I can always cut that off & attach separate ties Let you know how it works out.

  54. Hello. Thank you for your pattern – lovely I work in an ER in Canada and am sewing scrub hats for my coworkers. I finished this patter today and it sees very large – I have long thick hair and even with it under the cap it is too big. What would you suggest to scale smaller crown/band??

  55. Elizabeth Kohls

    Awesome tutorial and pattern. Super easy to follow. Made 4 scrub caps this morning for myself as I will be going back to work next week in the dental field. Thank you!!!!

  56. Thanks you so much for the scrub cap pattern. Excellent! Makes up very quickly and easily. I’m making them for my daughter who is a dental hygienist

  57. Patricia A Thompson

    Lucinda: Try on your computer: go to Print. Then hit Custom instead of ALL; then type in 1-14 (for pages you want printed) then hit print and it should give you the instructions with the pattern.

  58. Hi wondering how you cut the band out? If I leave the fabric folded it is not long enough to get the full length of the pattern piece of ties?
    Any suggestions appreciated. trying to make the most of a piece of fabric

    Thank You !

  59. I really appreciate the free pattern. I will be making a few to wear during patient treatment. My other choice was to wear what the employer was providing, a plastic shower cap! Ha! No way, I would roast to death with that and all the PPE we now have to wear. You are awesome! Cheers!

  60. Wonderful pattern and so easy! My dental office was given the green light to reopen and all the scrub caps were backordered or so expensive. They turned out wonderful for my dental team. Thank you for your inspiration and free patterns!! Truly a blessing!! I would love to send a photo

  61. Thanks on your own marvelous posting! I truly enjoyed
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  64. Thanks so much for this, i am making these for my daughter who is a RN in NZ. Have chosen some beautiful fabrics from my quilting shop and they look stunning.

  65. Thank you for this free pattern. I am a respiratory therapist and have made and still making several caps and giving them to my co-workers. They help us keep our masks and shields in place.

  66. Is there an easy way to make this pattern smaller? I made a cap for my daughter & it fit her perfect with her hair in it. A co worker wanted one & he tried hers on & its huge on him because he has no hair. I’m still fairly new to sewing & I cannot figure out how to cut the pattern down to make a smaller one. Thank you

  67. I made several of these and they are wonderful! I am having an issue where the back of the top meets the tie- instead of a nice clean angle I get some bunching. Where should I be turning to sew down the side? Before or after the seam where I attached the side to the top?

  68. Hi- is there also a link to the pattern you used for your face mask in this tutorial? It looks like it is molded without a seam in the front, which is what I was looking for. Your other face mask patterns don’t look like this shape. Thank you in advance!

  69. Just made two scrub caps by SRP pattern. The lining makes it more versatile and a nice finish as all raw edges are encased. This is the 3rd scrub cap pattern I’ve used since March. Waiting to get my daughter’s opinion on fit. She works with COVID-19 patients at a local hospital and takes PPE protection very seriously for the sake of all. Thanks for the nice pattern. It was very easy to follow.

  70. Thank you for the pattern. I made it, very cute, but my head is quite small, so I had to cut it down drastically. Oh well. Good starting point, though. Thank you, again.

  71. Lee Ann Steverson

    I just want to thank you for making a pattern available for FREE. I really love how this pattern fits versus some others I’ve tried.

  72. I have been using this pattern to make scrub caps for my coworkers and myself for several months now. This is only the third item I’ve every machine sewn and the first with a pattern. It is simple to follow and works great. The cap this pattern makes is by far the favorite in my ER for the fit and because it is reversible. Since we work in a pediatric ER it has been fun to make them with cartoon prints and holiday themes. Thanks for the free pattern and instructions.

  73. Is mine the only one that doesn’t fit on 1/3 yd? The 1″ box is 1″ so I don’t know what’s wrong but it does not fit at all like the instruction pics.

  74. Hi, My daughter is a Respertory Therapist at a major hospital in Detroit area. Your site was a major help in answering her call for Scrub Hats in March 2020. I am 71 years old. Never took on a sewing project before except buttons. With a lot of Youtube viewing I found your tutorial the easiest to follow and learn. Took your paper pattern and made a foam board pattern ( 1 for sides, 1 for top )to trace onto the fabric. Folding a 72″ x 96″ cotton sheet a special way I can cut multi layers at one time with minimal scrap. I get 10 full hats to sew together. It was a learning curve including how to operate the sewing machine. I threw out the first three I made. I use a batch process, cut 10 sew 10 iron 10 etc. I am now down to less than 2 hours per hat for complete process.
    Currently at a count of 260 hats. My daughter says she and the nurses & doctors like the hats better, and offer better protection, than the mesh hats the hospital offers. Thanks for a great tutorial.
    From a great Grandpa now with a mission.

  75. I ‘stitched’ the PDF file together to create a version of your pattern that could be projected rather then printed, testing it out today, will update with how it works out.

  76. Thank you so much for this pattern! I have made hundreds of them now for hospitals. They love them! I added a small piece of elastic above the seam allowance of the inside of the liner, between the ear and the back. I stretched the elastic as I sewed it on for a gathering effect. That adds a bit of stability when they are being worn.

  77. Is the seam allowance included in the pattern? I can’t find any info if you include the allowance in your designs or not. Thank you!

  78. Hi, I really want to make this but I can’t find the YouTube tutorial link, if someone could help me plz get the link that would be great! Thank u

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