Miss Ruby Tuesday Maternity

IMG_4387Maybe you noticed that my kids have taken over my blog the past few months while I’ve been pregnant. Being pregnant and dealing with the inevitable weight gain is hard enough, but putting yourself in front of the camera is a whole other thing in and of itself. But I just had to share this dress I made for my baby shower! I used my all time favorite dress pattern from One Puddle LaneThe Miss Ruby Tuesday Dress. This dress has so many different options so it’s perfect for using over and over. I also made this dress for our gender reveal using the same pattern.


This time around I used the Crossover Hack with tucks. I also added a binding to the neckline so that it would be more breastfeeding friendly. That way I can yank the top down and not worry about stretching out the neckline or popping any stitches. I added a faux tie to the dress as well to make it appear like it was a true crossover.


The last alteration I made was to add 2-3 inches to the front of the circle skirt so that I wouldn’t have a high-lo hem from my belly. I really wanted to have a perfectly straight hemline! Luckily my husband was a champ and he sat and pinned the dress while I was wearing it to make sure it was perfectly straight, then I cut off the excess. Once I have the baby, I will go back and straighten the bottom and put in a real hem.


I ordered this gorgeous fabric from Girl Charlee during a big sale. I ordered 4 yards for a total of just $12.00. I used the first yard and a half to make Madeline and her best friend matching peplum tops. The remaining two and a half went towards making this dress. I believe Girl Charlee is completely sold out of this fabric, but I remember seeing big bolts of the same fabric while I visited the LA fashion district last time. So I’m sure it’s available somewhere else as well.


To be honest I had serious doubts about this dress as I was making it. I was afraid it looked too night-gownish when I first tried it on during the fitting process. But once it all came together I fell in love with it! I can’t wait to wear this dress again, especially when I’m no longer pregnant.


Just five more weeks on the baby countdown. Maybe less…..please let it be less. I’m not sure how much more of this madness I can endure! 😉 I keep telling my husband that I’m not quite ready to have the baby yet, but I’m also tired of being pregnant. I just need a one week vacation to Hawaii in between. No harm in dreaming, right?


But in all seriousness we are so excited to meet our sweet girl sometime in the next month! I just got some beautiful Art Gallery knit fabrics in the mail to make her coming home outfit and a swaddle. So send me lots of good sewing vibes!


Last but not least a photo from my baby shower. It was such a wonderful day and I have the very sweetest friends!

I can’t even begin to thank them for all that they did for me! 🙂


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