DIY Stacked Christmas Hair Bow Tutorial | Free SVG Cut File & PDF Download

DIY Stacked Christmas Hair Bow Tutorial | Free SVG Cut File & PDF Download

Create beautiful boutique-style layered bows with this free SVG and PDF downloadable template. Use them as hair bows, to decorate Christmas presents, tree ornaments or on Holiday cards. The possibilities are endless! These 3D bows can be made from a wide variety of materials from printer paper and cardstock to felt and even leather.

If you have a cutting machine you can download the free bow SVG file or you can print off the PDF, trace the bows and cut out them by hand. Depending on the material I use a mixture of both!

DIY Christmas Hair Bow Tutorial and FREE SVG Cut Files for 3d Bows.

These bows can be made from leather, faux leather, felt, paper or laminated fabric. Cut them out of Iron-On (HTV) and adhere it to felt or fabric to add a little extra sparkle. Use them for hairbows or even to decorate cards or packages.

You can view my original hair bow post here.

Hot Glue / Glue Gun
Paper / Printer
You can find the FREE SVG & PDF files at the end of the post

Begin by choosing a bow and a tail (you can see the different options pictured below) from the free SVG files. Each one will give a slightly different look.

If you have a cutting machine, download the SVG files and upload them to your machine. If you plan on cutting them by hand, download the PDF file. Cut out each of the designs and use them as a template.

The SVG file contains a large size and a small size for each of the templates. The large size is great for decorating gifts or making over-sized hairbows. The smaller size is ideal for hair bows.

How to Make a Layered Hair Bow with Template

Let’s start by using two bows, one is slightly smaller than the other. Lay the bows on top of the faux leather and trace around them with a light colored pen.

Use a sharp pair of scissors to cut out each bow.

Place a dot of hot glue (I prefer Gorilla Hot Glue) on the center of the back of the bow. You can also use E600 but it does take a bit longer to dry.

Fold the edges of the bow towards the center and hold in place until the glue cools completely. You can use a small clip to hold it in place while it cools if needed.

Repeat this step on the smaller bow.

Flip the bows over so that the glued section is facing downwards. Place a dot of hot glue on the center front of the large bow and place the smaller bow on top.

Stack both bows on top of the tail with a small dot of hot glue.

Free Bow SVG Download

Flip the bow over once it has cooled and place a dot of glue on the center back. Add a clip (the flat side of the clip should be facing upwards during this step) to the tail and fold it onto the glue.

Secure Clip to Hair Bow

Make sure that the clip is centered.

Hair Bow SVG Cut File Download

Draw a thin line of glue along the remainder of the tail and continue to wrap the tail around the bows securing them in place.

Bow SVG Template

3D Bow SVG

Once you reach the back, open the clip tucking the tail underneath it and holding it in place until it cools.

Hot Glue the Hair Clip to the Hair Bow.

Hair Bow and Hair Clip

Ta-dah! Pretty simple right? These bows are a great item to sell at holiday craft shows or to use to decorate Christmas presents.

You can add a card behind the bows to make a cute gift or to sell them.

How to Make a Double Bow with Template

The next bow differs slightly because the bow has four sides. Place a dot in the middle of the bow and fold each end towards the center slightly overlapping each other.

Double Layered Bow Cut File

Double Bow SVG Cut File and PDF Download

free bow svg

Flip the bow over so that the four ends of the bow are hidden and place it on top of the back tail.

Free Double Hair Bow SVG Cut File
Continue to make the bow following the instructions provided above. Since this is a paper bow, skip the hair clip and glue it directly to the present.

bow svg image

Download this Free Bow SVG File to Decorate Christmas Presents.

Download the SVG and PDF files here.

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Create Boutique Style Hair Bows with this FREE Hair Bow SVG File and Printable PDF Pattern. Get the Step by Step Tutorial and Video here:

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