How to sew a scrunchie free sewing pattern DIY

DIY How to Make A Scrunchie | Free Sewing Pattern

Learn How to Make a Scrunchie with a Bow the Easy Way Using this FREE Sewing Pattern and Step-By-Step Tutorial.

The 90’s are calling and your favorite accessory is back in full force with a fun new twist! Scrunchies are the hottest accessories right now and they come in so many different shapes and sizes. I love the variety and how just changing the type of fabric can completely alter the look of it!

How to sew a scrunchie free sewing pattern DIY

After perusing J.Crew, Anthropologie, Nordstrom and even Target and being slightly shocked by the price tags, I decided to make my own and share all of my patterns with you for free! 

Who doesn’t love a freebie, right? Now you can be stylish at a fraction of the price!

DIY Scrunchie Sewing Pattern and Tutorial

If you’re looking for a great seller at craft shows and in your Etsy shops, this is it! It’s also perfect for gifts!

The best part is each Scrunchie takes about 10 minutes to sew and costs less dollar to make! I love a good quick and inexpensive project.

Below, I’ve listed out all of the different options offered in this pattern along with photos so you can choose your favorite style.

Basic Scrunchies

Scrunchies with Short Bunny Ears

Scrunchies with Medium Bunny Ears

Scrunchies with Large Bunny Ears

Scrunchies with Bows

Scrunchies with Tails

Begin by Downloading the Scrunchie Pattern Here.

I created a video that will walk you through every step of the process, from what type of fabric to use and cutting out the pattern, to sewing the scrunchie. Watch it below!

Scrunchies Supplies

  • 1/4 Yard of Fabric (Velvet) (Rayon)
  • Sewing Machine
  • Thread
  • Rotary Cutter & Rotary Mat OR Scissors
  • Pins
  • 1/4 Inch Elastic or 1/2 Inch Elastic
  • Large Safety Pin
  • Turning Tool
  • Iron & Ironing Board
  • Fabric Glue
  • Pattern

What Type of Fabric To Use To Sew A Scrunchie

These scrunchies can be made in a wide variety of fabrics. Each fabric will give the finished scrunchie a slightly different look.

For the basic scrunchies and scrunchies with short and medium ears, I recommend using a stretch velvet fabric. This gives it a nice, full look.

Recommended Fabrics; Stretch Velvet, Quilting Cotton, Voile, Chambray, Knit, Gauze, Silk, and Rayon.

For the scrunchies with large ears, bow and tails I recommend using a drapes fabric like Rayon. These patterns look best in a fabric that has some drape to it. You can determine if it’s a drapes fabric by holding it up and looking at the way the fabric lays.

Recommended Fabrics; Gauze, Silk, Rayon, and Voile.

Download the FREE PDF Scrunchies Sewing Pattern

Download the patterns to a desktop computer, open the files and print off the entire set of patterns. If you plan on using this pattern multiple times, print it off of card stock to create a sturdier template.

Cut Out the Scrunchies

The main scrunchie pattern is cut on the fold. Lay the fabric out on a table in front of you and fold it in half. Lay the pattern piece down so that the short edge is aligned with the fold of the fabric. Pin the pattern piece in place and cut around the pattern.

If you have a Cricut machine you can use it to cut the template out of cardstock. If you have a Cricut Maker you can cut out the scrunchies on your pink mat with the rotary blade.

Cricut Scrunchies SVG

Place the second pattern piece on the folded fabric, pin it in place, and cut out two pieces of fabric for the front and the back.

How to Sew Scrunchies

How to Sew A Scrunchie

To create the bunny tails, place the fabrics together with right sides facing each other. Pin the fabrics together.

How to Sew A Scrunchie

With a 3/8ths-inch seam allowance begin stitching the tail together along the straightest part of the fabric. Backstitch as you begin your seam, sew all the way around the fabric leaving a one inch opening for turning. 

Sew Scrunchie Bow with 3/8ths inch seam allowance

Trim the excess fabric cutting close to, but not through the stitching lines. This will allow you to get a crisp point once the tail has been turned right-side out. Using the 1-inch opening, flip the tail right side out.

How to Make a Scrunchie for your Hair

Draw a small line of Beacon fabric-tac along the seam allowance of the opening to close it. Gently pinch the fabric together and let the glue dry.

Scrunchie Bow DIY
How to Make a Scrunchie for your Hair

Fold the main scrunchie in half hot-dog style with right sides facing each other. Pin the fabric together.

I like to place a pin 1.5 inches from the short edge of the fabric on the top and bottom as a visual reminder of where to start sewing.

DIY SCrunchie

Measure 1.5 inches from the edge of the fabric and begin sewing with a 3/8ths inch seam allowance. Stop sewing 1.5 inches from the edge of the fabric. Don’t forget to backstitch to secure the stitches in place.

This keeps the seam from coming undone when it gets turned right side out.

How to Make a Scrunchie for your Hair

Turn the scrunchie fabric inside of itself until the unsewn short edges line up with each other.

Pin the fabric in place. The right sides of the fabric should be facing each other.

How to Sew A Scrunchie

Sew along the short straight edge.

How to Sew A Scrunchie

Turn the fabric right side out by gently pinching the right side of the fabric from the opening and pulling it all the way out.

DIY Scrunchie tutorial

Cut an 8 1/2 inch piece of 1/4 inch elastic. ( You can use 1/2 inch elastic if you have thicker hair and need more support from your pony tail holder) attach a safety pin and thread the safety pin all the way through the scrunchie.

Make a Scrunchie

Take the two ends of the elastic and overlap them with each other. Sew them together using a zigzag stitch.

Sew a scrunchie

Draw a small line of fabric glue along the unsewn seam allowance to close it.

How to make a scrunchie

Take the bunny ear and tie it in a knot around the scrunchie.

How to sew a scrunchie bow

There you have it, an adorable scrunchie! I can’t wait to see what you make with this tutorial!

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How to Sew A Scrunchie


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