Personalized DIY Dollar Tree Pot Holders using a Cricut – Free SVG for Designs

Learn How to Create a Personalized Pot Holder Using a Cricut, Dollar Tree Supplies, and FREE SVG Files

Today we are going to be making these adorable DIY Holiday Pot Holder Gift Sets with the Cricut Explore Air 2 and Everyday Iron-On.  

Holiday Pot Holders using a Cricut cutting machine

When I first got my Cricut Explore Air 2, I was blown away by all of the adorable crafting projects I could make. I am always looking for new ways to personalize holiday presents for my friends and family. This project is easy to make and it’s affordable, so it’s perfect for staying on budget this holiday season.

Personalized Holiday Pot Holders using a Cricut

Now let’s get started on our project. 

Supplies needed for your personalized Pot Holder:

Download SVG files here! 

Overview of products needed in Personalized Holiday Pot Holder project

Step 1: Download and Upload SVG files

To get started on your project, go ahead and open up Cricut Design Space.

Download SVG files here! 

You can also use a few of Cricut’s Design Space images. Just use the search bar to find a few sayings you like. I love using Cricut’s Design Space images since they are easy to use and super cute. 

I’m going to be making these 5 designs, but feel free to make whatever designs you like. 

Pot Holder measurements

In order to get the right size for each of my designs, I am going to measure my potholder and create a rectangle the same size as the potholder for reference. 

Click on shapes

Select square

Design Space process for Pot Holders

Unlock – this allows me to input my exact dimensions. My potholder is 7.25″ x 5.5” so I’m just going to type that in.

Cricut Design Space Canvas for Pot Holders

I’m going to use this to make sure each of my designs is sized correctly. Once I have everything sized, I’m going to delete the rectangle. 

Step 2: Cut Iron-on Pot Holder Designs Using a Cricut Cutting Machine

Once you have your design ready, click “Make It” in the top right-hand corner to view the preview screen. 

Cricut Cutting Mat Overview for Pot Holders

Be sure to mirror your image, that way it is cut the right way for iron-on. If you don’t do this, your image will be backwards when you iron it onto your potholder. So, before you cut, double-check that your image is mirrored. 

After clicking continue, the screen prompts you to select the material you are using. For this project, I am using Everyday Iron-On. To find my material quickly, I like to use the search bar. If you use this material frequently, save it as one of your favorites. 

Placing Iron-On on to Cricut cutting mat

Place your Iron-On shiny side down on your green mat. 

Make sure that your Cricut is loaded with the fine point blade. 

Next, insert your mat into either your Cricut Maker or Explore machine.

Press the blinking Cricut “C” button and your Cricut will start cutting. 

Cricut machine cutting Iron-On

Once it is finished cutting, press the arrow button to release your Cricut Mat. 

Now that my cut has finished, it’s time to start weeding my project. 

Step 3: Weed Cut Pot Holder Designs

I am going to be removing all of the Iron-On that I do NOT want to transfer to my project. But first I’ll use my Cricut true control knife to carefully cut away the material that I didn’t cut. I really like to save all of my material and have as little waste as possible.

Cutting off excess Iron-On from Pot Holder project.

I like to start weeding in the corner of my project. You can use your weeding tool to make it easier to pull the Iron-On away from the backing. Once I have the corner up, I like to use my fingers to gently pull away the Iron-On.

Use a 45-degree angle to slowly pull the excess Iron-On away from your project, being careful not to rip anything in the process.

Pulling off unnecessary material of Pot Holder design

I like using my weeding tool to get the more intricate parts of my design up, like the insides of letters. 

Weeding out letters of Pot Holder Design

If you need help seeing which parts of your design you need to weed, you can either hold it up to the light or use a BrightPad. The light shows through the cracks, making it easier to see (especially on more intricate projects)

Flip your mat right side facing down and gently peel the mat away from the design. 

Pulling off Pot Holder Design from Cricut cutting mat

Flip over your design to make sure everything looks perfect. Now is the perfect time to see if you weeded everything correctly.

I’m going to cut around each design so I can easily adhere them to the potholders. 

Step 4: Use Easy Press or Iron to Adhere Iron-On to your Pot Holders

Now that our design is ready to go, it’s time to heat up either your Easy Press or iron. I like using Cricut’s Easy Press since it has a large surface area, heats up to an exact temperature and has a timer so I know exactly how long to press my project for. 

If you are using an iron, set it to high heat with zero steam. Make sure the water basin is completely empty, otherwise the steam could ruin your transfer. 

Now, you’ll notice that the bottom of the iron and Easy Press are different. The Easy Press has a large, flat surface while the iron has little holes for steam on the bottom. This causes the iron’s heat to not be as evenly distributed as the Easy Press. Since the tip and sides of your iron are going to be the hottest, try to position the center of your iron on your project. 

Cricut Heat Guide

Cricut has an amazing online guide to tell you exactly what temperate, time and pressure you need to press your iron-on at. The exact settings vary depending on the type of Iron-On you are using and the material you are transferring it to. 

Also, be sure to check if your Iron-On is warm or cool peel – this lets you know whether you should peel your backing sheet when it is warm (just a few seconds after pressing) or cool (about 1-2 minutes later). Cricut has spent time researching what works best, so I always stick with their recommendations. 

For this project, we are going to be heating the Easy Press to 315 degrees and pressing for 30 seconds. 

Before ironing-on my design, use a lint roller to remove any lint, dust or strings from your pot holder. 

Preheating Pot Holder in preparation for Design placement.

Next, you’re going to want to preheat your potholder. Preheating it removes moisture, flattens it and ensures it is ready for iron-on application.

Placing design on Pot Holder

Next, you’re going to place your decal sticky side down. 

Once you are happy with its placement, press your design. 

Be sure to check that your Easy Press is heated to the correct temperature before you begin pressing.  

While some people like using a layer of parchment paper between their Iron-On and Easy Press or iron, it’s really just a preference since the backing provides a protective layer between the Iron-On and your press. 

Using the Cricut Easy Press to adhere design to Pot Holder

Once your Easy Press is positioned, click the “C” to start the timer. Once you have been pressing for 30 seconds, your Easy Press will beep to let you know that it is done. 

Go ahead and let this cool for a few seconds before peeling the backing off. It should be warm to the touch, not hot. 

Peeling the backing off Pot Holder design.

When your design is ready to be peeled, slowly peel it away from the pot holder at a 45-degree angle. I like to start peeling from the corner of my design 

As you begin peeling, be sure to check to see if your design has completely transferred.

Finished Pot Holder Projects

Now we have this cute Holiday Pot Holder. 

I’m going to fill mine with this spatula and whisk I got from the Dollar Store as well as a cake or cookie mix. 

Holiday Personalized Pot Holders

Are you getting a Cricut machine for the holidays this year? Check out some of the machines in my links below to this video. 

Cricut Explore Air 2

Cricut Maker

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