DIY Customized Face Masks

Are you like me and “leaving a mask or two in the car” has just become part of your everyday routine?? I saw somebody driving the other day with over 20 masks hanging from the rearview mirror! I promise I’m not that intense, but I do have a pretty big stash.

With face masks becoming a normal part of our everyday life, I wanted to share some fun ways to customize masks and add your personal flair to your newest accessory! If we have to wear them, they might as well be cute, right??

I’m sharing 6 different ways to easily customize your mask, whether it’s homemade or store-bought to perfectly match your style!

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Iron-On Floral Face Mask

Grab a roll of Iron-On, a flower paper punch and some Swarovski crystals to create this fun floral mask!

Unroll a sheet of Iron-On and use a paper punch to cut out different shapes. With the shiny side facing upward lay it on top of your mask, cover with a piece of butcher paper, and press for 30 seconds! Peel away the clear protective sheet to reveal the design. Flowers can be layered to add a bit of interest! For a bit of sparkle, add some Swarovski crystals.

Ric-Rac Face Mask

Cut Ric-Rac trim to the length of the face mask. Finish the raw edges with a drop of Fray-Check. Pin in place and sew along the middle of the Ric-Rac to attach it to the mask.

Sequin Face Mask

Need an extra fancy mask?? You’ll love this sequin mask!! Start by creating a base of large sequins. Attach the sequins to the mask using a transparent thread. Add in medium-sized sequins and finish with smaller sized sequins to fill in any gaps.

Tie Dye Face Mask

Give a simple face mask a fresh new look with a pop of color! Start with a white mask placed on top of a plastic drop cloth. Tuck the elastic bands underneath the mask. Alternate spraying different colors onto the mask to create a tie-dye effect. Press with an iron to permanently set the color.

View this tutorial for more details on how to apply this tumble dye tie dye product.

Iron-On Letters Face Mask

Add text or a name with these easy to use Iron-On letters and an iron. The best part? No cutting machine is required for this project!

Applique Face Mask

Appliques are an easy way to instantly personalize any face mask! Choose from a variety of different designs to reflect your personal style.

Use an iron to activate the glue on the backside of the applique allowing it to bond to the fabric.

I hope this post gave you some new ideas on how to customize your face masks to make them more fun to wear! We might as well embrace SOME fun in our lives these days! I hope you enjoy customizing some of your masks!

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21 thoughts on “DIY Customized Face Masks”

    1. Think of the top layer as a cover, like a book cover. Don’t count it as one of the mask’s protective layers. The mask can comfortably include 4 layers. I’ve found 3 layers is the most comfortable. The 4th, outer layer can then be treated as the Cover. Skies the limit then. Bejeweled, embroidered, decorated, lace, embellish, iron on embroidery. Add charms. As long as the first 3 layers are never compromised, you’re good to go. Been designing creative masks since April, lots of experimentation, while maintaining the core safety of the mask. Hope this helps.

  1. Kimberly D Jones

    You are my favorite online friend that I’ve never met but you’re so helpful and creative and I absolutely adore your designs patterns and ideas

  2. I ask, will breathing those glues, adhesives and so on not be toxic? I don’t think it’s a good idea to breathe that all the time.

  3. Adventures in Twinning

    What a great idea! I was going to make iron-on name labels with my Cricut for kids’ masks but never thought about other embellishments. Super cute! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kim, I’m considering purchasing a vinyl cutting machine. Could you recommend one that is easy for a first time user?

  5. Could I please get a copy of a face mask. I just love.all the sewing etc that you do. I just read up on Cricut and it is amazing what you can do

    Thank you and have a great weekend


  6. how can i make a nose point on the DYI Poppy box type face mask, ? I need it to go under my eyeglasses ? I like the Sweet 3 D face mask. would like to have a point for under my glasses. plus I like the pocket for the filter in this pattern, and like the mask.

  7. I like the 3D face mask, with a pocket for a filter, but, I need a raised front to go under my eye gasses. How can I do that ? I tried but it came out crocked. . thanks, Jan

  8. I cannot thank you enough for these mask fyi tutorials!! It is so lovely to have them all in one place too with such a small price and they are the only ones my kiddo likes to wear-they are SO comfortable! Thank you!!

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