Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Yarn

Create a Knitted Blanket by Hand (in a fraction of the time it takes with needles) Using Pre-Looped Bernat Blanket EZ Yarn.

A handmade blanket is the best gift to give during the holidays and this easy, no hook, no needle blanket is no exception!  

This is a sponsored post written on behalf of JOANN.

I teamed up with JOANN to teach you how to make this beautiful blanket with this step-by-step tutorial and it may just be the easiest blanket I have ever made! Doesn’t it look perfect to cuddle in for the holidays?!

I am not an expert in crocheting or knitting but I LOVE yarn. The colors and textures are just so fun and so vibrant that I have collected quite the stash. I am always drawn to the yarn aisle in my local JOANN and I was so excited when I saw this amazing new yarn with preformed loops.

I knew I had to try it and I was able to make this beautiful 50” x 70” throw-size blanket in a weekend, which would normally take much longer with a hook or needle.

I am so excited to share this simple tutorial with you and show you that ANYONE can make a blanket with this yarn!

Level: Beginner

Time: A weekend project or 7 hours


Need a little extra help? Be sure to watch the video tutorial!

Let’s get started!

On a flat surface, count 70 loops for your first row, skipping the first two to create a tail. Cut the thread in the middle of the first two loops that you skipped to create a long tail. ***Optional: Add a clip or safety pin to mark your last loop. For picture purposes I only counted 20 so make sure to count 70!

Move the next row of yarn above the 70 loops you just counted making sure there are no twists in the yarn. Lay it flat with the loops facing up. This helps you make sure you do not miss any loops. 

You are now going to loop together loop #70 from the first row, and loop #1 from the second row. To do this, take loop #1 and put it through loop #70 from back to front making sure you pull it all the way through. Loop #1 will end up in front of loop #70 and will be the start of the second row.

Now loop together loop #69 from the first row and loop #2 from the second row from the back to the front. Continue this process all the way across so that each loop from the first row has been connected to a loop from the second row. 

To start the third row, bring that new row of loops above your first two rows and lay it flat and start the same process as above. Connect loop #70 from the second row, to loop #1 from the third row and continue all the way across. You will start to see the pattern forming.

Repeat this process until your ball of yarn only has two loops left. Do not connect those two loops to your previous row, instead cut the thread in the middle so that they create a tail. Before you connect a new ball to your blanket, make sure you have a tail. If you do not have a tail, create one by connecting two loops. For reference, one ball of yarn will give you about 10” of your blanket and takes around an hour to complete.

Now take your first loop in your new ball and connect it to the next loop in your blanket. Continue across connecting your new ball of yarn to your blanket and continue until that ball is finished. Repeat this process until all 7 balls of yarn are connected and have formed your blanket.

Now that you have connected your last row, you are going to close your blanket. Start with the two loops farthest away from your tail and pull the loop closer to your tail through the other loop. Now take the loop next to that one and pull it through the new loop you just created. Continue across until you pull the last loop through at the end. This process is locking those loops into each other so the blanket won’t unravel.  

Take your tail and pull it through that last loop to create a knot. If your yarn has loops you can go ahead and cut them to create a tail. You can always cut the tail shorter if it is too long. 

Now that your blanket is all done, we are going to clean up those tails. To do this, you are going to take your tails and weave them back into the back of your blanket. You can do this with your hands, or a crochet hook if you have one. If you have two adjacent tails in the middle of your blanket, you can tie them together and create a knot. This helps pull those loops together so the loose gap you have from starting a new ball of yarn will disappear.

Once you have woven all your tails into your blanket, you are all done!

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Tips & Tricks to Make the Perfect Blanket

  • Always check the back of your blanket as you are going to make sure you do not skip a loop. If you do, work it into your next row by doubling it up with another loop to “hide” it.
  • Always pull your loops all the way through to create tight stitches.
  • If you put your blanket down and come back to it, make sure to continue on the right side. If you start to connect your loops from the back, your stitches will be on the wrong side.
  • You can always cut your tails shorter if they are too long. You do not have to weave too much into your blanket at the end. 
  • Start the blanket on a flat surface. This will help the blanket create its shape and give you better looking stitches in the beginning. I like to do the first 5 rows on a table and then I will finish it on my couch watching a movie. 

Do you have a friend who has always wanted to knit or crochet a blanket and has been too overwhelmed to start? Make sure to share this tutorial with them!

Are there more patterns you would like to learn with this yarn? Let me know in the comments!

242 thoughts on “Bernat Alize Blanket EZ Yarn”

  1. Does this stay together well? It doesn’t pull apart easy? I don’t knit or crochet either but would love to do this!

    1. That’s my concern too. I just learned to crochet a few years ago and have arm knitted but just haven’t been sure about the loop yarn.

      1. I didn’t know you can do this with your hands I thought you needed more things or sticks. I have never crochet or anything like it but it look nice I will try to do it!

  2. WOW, I am loving this method…I’ve never gotten the hang of knitting and this seems like the perfect no-knit blanket!

  3. Amazing tutorial, beautiful blanket, have always wanted to learn to knit but have never gotten around to it. This seems like it may be a good start for me.

  4. I’m excited to try this out. Does the blanket have a lot of holes once put together? Or does it loop tightly?

    1. It does have tiny holes but, that’s knitting for ya (lol). If I hold up the blanket, then you can see all the holes b/c of size of loops/type of stitching. It’s not as bad as a cable sweater though. I suggest trying to do a few rows to get a feel for it before committing. If you don’t like the hole size, choose another stitch to start over with. Good luck!

    1. Heather Clelland

      This looks so easy. It makes me want to try this. Thanks for the detailed instructions and photos. So helpful!

  5. I have seen this at Michaels a million times and am always like how the heck do you crochet with it….well didn’t I learn something today and I cannot wait to try it! Looks so cool and probably so relaxing since you don’t have to count stitches like I do when I crochet!

  6. Oh! I think I could actually do this. The last attempt I took at learning to crochet, my blanket started to have a more triangular shape!

  7. This is pretty neat, and something I may be able to do with busy days having a 4yr old and 2 yr old. Thank you.

  8. This is so amazing!!!!!! I’ve always wished I could knit but I just couldn’t figure out the needles! Now I don’t have to! Can’t wait to make this!

  9. Samantha Barcenas

    We sell this stuff at my work and I was all about it for a solid year. I finally made too many blankets for a family I had to take a break its very easy to work with and doesn’t take a long time! Great product. Amazing instructions!

  10. Interesting! I was just thinking about making a blanket for my newest grandbaby due in March, and this might just do the trick. THANKS!

  11. Your blanket looks so soft! I think I need to try this tutorial this winter, when I have plenty of time and want to keep warm!

  12. I never would have guessed using that yarn would be so simple! I see it all the time but had no clue how to use it. Now I need to try this out!

  13. I always wanted to try “arm knitting” but this looks alot simpler. I can’t wait to make one for each of my kids.

  14. What a great Tutorial!! I always love looking at the loop yarn but had no idea how to knit or crochet it together! Now I know and I can’t wait for the next great sale!!

  15. I love the regular Bernat Blanket yarn to crochet blankets. This looks so doable for those who don’t knit or crochet.

  16. I’ve used the finishing on fleece blankets, it’s easy and a nice touch. Easy project and thankfully no crocheting involved, a plus for someone who cannot keep even tension when trying to crochet.

  17. Omg thank you so much for all this info. I love working arts n crafts and this will put me on top with all your help. You’re the best!!!

  18. Jennifer Hermosura

    This is a great, simple pattern that actually seems really warm and cozy compared to some others I’ve seen. Can’t wait to try.

  19. I don’t knit or crochet but I kept looking at this yarn and didn’t know why – until your video! Amazing! I’m going to try and make this or so I hope anyway.

  20. Oh my gosh! This is just the tutorial I have been looking for! I have wanted to do this for many years! My New Year’s Resolution… I’m going to be making blankets all year to give for Christmas gifts next year! Thank you soooo much for sharing! You are awesome!

  21. I’m a knitter, as well as a crochet. This is very interesting to know that you can create the same look by using your hands with no needles. It’s a beautiful too! Thank you so much for sharing it with us!

  22. This would be a great project for my daughter and I. She loves soft and cozy blankets the one she use to carry around has worn out and she has grown so this would be perfect!! Thanks for sharing.

  23. This is so beautiful, I want to learn how to knit/crochet so bad!!! I’ve actually just recently been looking online for a “learn how” to book… any suggestions? When I was young, my mother had taught me how to crochet, but it has been so long ago, plus when she taught me, I only learned how to make one row of stitches… but she never knew how to knit. Any suggestions would be great, or if you have any “absolute beginner” tutorials let me know. Thank you!

  24. I love to crochet, but never learned to knit. This is a cool shortcut to provide the same results as knitting with needles. Thanks for sharing!

  25. Glenda Roopnarine

    I have always wanted to learn how to do a blanket but never took the time but this looks so darn easy I might have to do it and it looks so therapeutic. Love the color will be a nice addition to my blanket ladder. Thanks.

  26. Wow, this is another thing I had added to my list of crafts to do and my yarn and hooks are sitting in a bag, I tried one and gave up.

  27. Just like you i love looking at and feeling yarn, but never knew how to make things with it. This is a great method, thanks for sharing!

  28. Good luck everyone! I just discovered this blog and website and it’s amazing! Your crafting skills are amazing, and you offer so much inspiration. I can’t wait to make more face masks! Thank you!
    Rachael Davis

  29. Now *that’s* my kind of knitting! I tried the traditional method and despite months and months of practice, I totally sucked at it. I managed to get a Barbie blanket out of it (I was going for a scarf for myself). This is something I might actually be able to succeed at.

  30. Avionne McClatchie

    I’ve never knitted or crocheted before, but this project looks really fun to try. The blanket turned out so beautiful & comfy looking. I’m tempted to try it!

  31. I have never been able to master knitting or crocheting. Maybe this is my chance to make a blanket.

    Thanks for the instructions.

  32. I’ve been trying to get back into crocheting forever and this looks like such a cool, easy project. I can’t wait to try it!

  33. I just bought some of this yarn yesterday to use in a craft project. It was so unique, I wondered how it could possibly be knitted or crocheted. Thanks to your instructions, I now know how to use it! Thank you for sharing!

  34. I’ve tried to make before and failed. I will give it another go. Thanks for sharing. God knows I need to stay warm this time of year.

  35. I’m so happy to see this tutorial! I have 4 skeins ready to use – in a pretty line green – I bought during the summer and hadn’t found easy directions to create something! Thank you!!!

  36. Lovely color! I have tried knitting and two needles gave me a very bad headache. Do a little better with crochet. I’ll have to look for this yarn next time I’m at yarn store.

  37. I love this. I’m typically crochet! I just did about 15 Christmas stockings and my fingers are feeling the pain. This would be great because no need for a hook. Super easy and simple!

  38. This blanket looks so comfortable! I would love to make this and I’m sure I’d have to make it big enough for my kids to share as well.

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