The Winnie Pinnie Dress


After nearly a month of not sewing, I’m finally back at it again! I’ve been enjoying every single minute of newborn goodness, reveling in the chaos of 3 kids under 3, and taking some time to rest and recuperate. But I just couldn’t help myself but sign up for testing when I saw this adorable new pattern! Little Lizard King just released the Winnie Pinnie Dress and Top. It’s a vintage-inspired pinafore dress with a twist. Instead of open sides, it features a panel for a little extra modesty. As if the front wasn’t cute enough, the back just makes this dress even better. Yeah, I’m a total sucker for detailed backs. The dress is perfection.




I went to JoAnn’s the other day with my birthday gift card in hand (courtesy of my dear twin brother) and swore to myself I would buy something just for myself. I finally settled on this gorgeous Swiss Dot Floral fabric from the Gertie Collection. At $15.00 a pop it definitely wasn’t the cheapest fabric I’ve ever bought. Don’t worry, I did end up using a coupon. I bought two yards of it and promised myself over and over it would be just for me and not for either of my precious daughters. Well guess what? Once I saw how well it paired with Sarah Jane’s Painted Gingham Sommer fabric, I just couldn’t help myself!!! It seems nothing is ever truly just for me. Any other moms with me on that one?




In order to stretch the use of this fabric, I cut out the teeny, tiniest bodice from the very corner edge and lined it with white fabric so I could save the rest of that goodness all for myself…..Except now Vivienne definitely needs a matching romper. Ha! Maybe one day I will actually use fabric for myself.



This was my first time sewing a Little Lizard King pattern. I’ve been swooning over Cassie’s work for months. You can check out her fabulous Instagram page here, but I was on a self-imposed, no child-sized pattern buying drought for the past few months, so this is my very first one! The pattern was very thorough, with great detailed steps and clear photographs; I’d definitely recommend it!




I used some vintage buttons to complete the look. I found the most amazing estate sale of a lady who was a seamstress. Everything in her home was in pristine condition in spite of it being decades old. It was like walking into a time capsule. I ended up with a box chock-full of sewing supplies. So many neat little treasures. I love adding something with a little bit of history to the things that I create. It gives something that’s brand new a little bit of history.


You can find the Winnie Pinnie Pattern HERE.


13 thoughts on “The Winnie Pinnie Dress”

  1. Kimberly Coffin

    Thanks, Sheila!
    How exciting that you figured out how to use it! There are a bunch of fun sewing groups on fb if you want to find some patterns for your son. I have a couple of blog posts with boy outfits as well. 🙂

  2. That’s adorable!! And I’m totally with you in using up your fabrics on the littles. Now I find myself giving my favorite fabrics to my 11-year-old daughter to sew herself. I just can’t say no.

    1. Kimberly Coffin

      Thank you, Heather
      ! I just can’t help myself. One day my little girls will be grown and I’ll have plenty of fabric for myself. 🙂 But for now they will keep getting all of the pretty fabric haha! 🙂

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