Holiday Wishlist | What Every Woman Who Sews Needs (And What Every Husband Should Buy!)

Sewing Gift Guide

Notions and Tools for Every Seamstress

If you’re looking to find the perfect gift for the seamstress in your life I have just the right thing for you!
I’ve rounded up some of my favorite sewing notions, tools and accessories to help you put together a fool-proof gift!
All of the items listed are available on Amazon because that’s my favorite place to do my online shopping! I’ve even put together an Amazon Idea List so you can easily choose which items you want!
If you’re a seamstress and you’re reading this post, send it on forward to your significant other to give them a little hint of what you really want this year!
Amazon Christmas Seamstress Wish List and Gift Guide. What Every Seamstress Needs and Wants
Get even more sewing gift ideas from Life Sew Savory.
Sewing Machine
This is the machine I sew on, it’s quite the workhorse and I’ve been sewing on it nearly every day for the past 6 years. I can’t recommend this machine enough!
It has everything a beginner seamstress needs and it transitions perfectly for a more experienced seamstress.
This machine comes with an LCD screen, plenty of interchangeable feet, speed control (which is ahh-mazing!), and 167 built-in stitches.
This machine comes with everything a beginning seamstress will need! It doesn’t have any fancy bells and whistles but it’s the perfect machine to learn on and it’s built to withstand a beating.
This machine gets amazing reviews on Amazon! I’ve only used it a few times while visiting a friend but I had a great experience with it. It’s easy to thread and gets the job done for a fair price!
This is the machine I’ve been sewing on for the past 4 years. It’s a wonderful machine with a beautiful rolled edge option. It’s actually the rolled edge that won me over!
It features a safety switch to keep you from unsafe sewing, a color-coded thread guide, and a 2/3/4 thread option. If I had to do it all over, I’d buy it again in a heartbeat!
Fabric Cutting Machine 
This is a revolutionary machine! I love using my Cricut Maker to cut all my fabric for small sewing projects and quilts. It’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s crafty!
This is the thread rack I use to store all of my thread. It’s a game changer! I got so tired of having to sort through a tangled mess of thread every time I started a new project to find the right one.
I keep this hanging on the wall behind my sewing machine and it gives me easy access to changing thread as I’m sewing.
These scissors were just too cute not to include! The perfect gift for any unicorn lover! I bought a pair for a friend of mine and now I think it’s time I got a pair for myself!
Who has time to sit around endlessly winding bobbins? Not me! When I found out about the amazingness of pre-wound bobbins I stocked up big time!
Now I have extra time to spend on more important things, like unpicking seams…I’m still looking for the solution to that problem!
For the seamstress with a mess of threads, here is the answer! These thread huggers are adorably cute but also completely functional!
Here’s an adorable way to keep bobbins organized and easily accessible. I keep mine right next to my sewing machine for quick bobbin changes.
I can’t be the only one who endlessly searches her sewing room looking for an ever-elusive pair of scissors. I’ve bought tons and tons of scissors hoping that would solve the problem.
Take my advice put the scissors on a lanyard and they’ll never get lost again!
I love my rotary pinking blade! It makes no-sew projects simple and effortless because it cuts the fabric at diagonal angles to prevent fraying.
Cutting fabric and patterns with a rotary blade is so much faster than scissors! It pairs perfectly with the ruler and cutting mat listed below.
A clear ruler is a must have for any seamstress! This makes measuring and cutting so much faster! Just lay the ruler over the fabric and zoom right through it with a rotary blade.
This makes using a large ruler even easier! It allows you to put light pressure on the ruler so it doesn’t slide around.
This is the cutting mat I use and it’s wonderful! It’s self-healing and it’s nice and thick! It has strong clear markings on it so that you can easily cut out the correct dimensions without any guesswork.
After years of sewing, this is still my very favorite pair of scissors. They cut smoothly and are incredibly sharp.
I keep mine under lock and key so no one gets any ideas about using my fabric scissors for something other than fabric!
 I can’t believe I only recently came across craft clips! While pins are great and totally serve a purpose I use my clips way more!
With lots of little kids around it puts my anxiety to rest not having to worry about spare pins lying around.
This is on my Christmas wish list this year! How cute are these nail decals? I think they would make for the perfect stocking stuffer! Santa, if you’re reading this….I’ve been good all year!
I never knew that a USB could be so stinking adorable! You have to take a look at this USB to believe me! It’s a fun way to jazz up something that’s normally not much to look at!
Every seamstress needs a fun sewing shirt! This one fits the bill perfectly!
Another great stocking stuffer! I’ve added this to my Christmas wishlist because you can never have too much cute sewing jewelry!
Can I just say what a game changer this is?!? I can’t believe how I used to organize my mess of fabric before I set this cube up in my sewing room.
It’s the perfect size for folded fabric and it allows me to easily pull fabrics and see what I have in stock without having to dig through a bin. It’s really an incredible price for something so useful!
I added three sets of drawers to my Kallax to hold scissors, buttons and camera supplies. It makes the Kallax even more functional!
This is the table I sew on currently. I bought it sometime back in college and it’s still going strong. It has room for my serger and sewing machine.
It even has an extendable table that can fold up nice and neat when you are done sewing.
This sewing set up is a bit of a splurge but it’s definitely on my future sewing wishlist. A girl can dream, right?
Again, Santa if you’re reading this…I’ve been extra good this year!
If you sew PDF patterns this printer is a real wallet-saver. The ink takes forever to run out and it can print an insane amount of patterns!
Here’s a cute sewing print to decorate the walls of a sewing room!
Perfect as a paperweight or just as decor this silver sewing machine is sure to put a smile on any seamstress’s face.
How cute would this be on the walls of a sewing room?
This is a brand new iron that can replace a traditional heat press. It takes up a minimal amount of space and it’s much more cost friendly.
I love using mine on HTV projects and also on regular sewing projects.
This iron is worth every penny! It has fine detailing that makes ironing almost fun! Now if I could just find an invention to make doing the laundry fun!
A must-have book for anyone who is interested in learning how to sew with knit fabric. This will walk you through all the steps to get perfect knit garments!
This is the book I learned to sew with while I was taking sewing classes in college. It is an amazing resource and even after years of sewing and classes I still refer to it!
Christmas PJ DIY Tutorial Free PDF Sewing Pattern & Cut File.

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