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Learn How to Sew a Hexie Hand Towel with this Sewing Tutorial

A few years back I stumbled upon English Paper Piecing and fell in love with making Hexies! I love how versatile they are and that they can be made without the help of a sewing machine. It’s the perfect thing to do during long car rides, while watching a movie or just to keep your hands busy. I actually came across EPP and embroidery while I was pregnant with my first daughter. I had terrible morning sickness, Hyperemesis Gravidarum to be specific. It’s characterized by severe vomiting and nausea and it lasted almost my entire pregnancy. What I found really helpful during that time was keeping my hands occupied as much as possible. I spent a lot of time working on embroidery and EPP because it took my mind off of nausea and allowed me some respite from the sickness. I also spent three months on bed rest and let me tell you, small handicrafts are amazing for passing the time!
Tea Towel
How to sew hexes

How to Sew Hexies – English Paper Piecing Tutorial

To begin you will need a hexagon template. You can purchase one here or you can print them off and cut them by hand. I used my Cricut to cut out perfect hexagons from cardstock paper.
Place the hexagon on top of the fabric and cut the fabric about 1/2 larger than the template on all 6 sides. For this project, you will want to fussy cut the fabric. That means to specifically place the hexagon over a certain design and then cut around it.
If you have a Cricut Maker you can do this with the SnapMat to get perfectly placed hexies.
 Hexie English Paper Piecing Tutorial
Fold the fabric from one side of the hexagon over the template as shown in the photo below and secure it with a Craft Clip. This will keep the fabric from moving around while you are sewing it.
Finger press the seam, turn the hexagon and fold over the next side creating a nice sharp point. Finger press this seam as well.
Thread a needle and knot the end. Insert the needle just before the crease, sew through the two sides to attach them together. Make sure that the needle does not go through the template.

Repeat this process around the entire hexagon.

Each side will overlap the other side. Keep the fabric pulled taut without distorting it.
Once you’ve reached the beginning tie off the thread.

With a hot iron, press the hexie.

how to sew a hex

Aren’t these hexies just adorable?

Once you have sewn all five hexies it’s time to attach them together

Place the hexagons with right sides together.

Insert the needle through the tip of the corner to secure the hexies together and pull the thread until you reach the knot at the end.

You will be joining the hexies together using small whipstitches. Carefully whipstitch the entire edge together taking care not to sew into the template.

Repeat this process with all five hexagons making sure they are lined up properly before sewing them together.

How to sew a hex tutorial

Once all five hexies are joined together lay them on top of the tea towel.

At this point, you can whipstitch the entire shape to the tea towel or use Thermoweb Fabric Fuse to attach them. I like to use this specific glue because it’s permanent but once it dries it remains flexible.

Once the hexies have been attached and have had sufficient time to dry, place an embroidery hoop over the towel and use embroidery floss to do a backstitch around the perimeter of the hexagon shape.

Now it’s time to hang up your adorable hexie dish towel and admire your hard work!

How to Sew a Hexie Handtowel for Christmas Sewing Tutorial

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  1. I don’t know if I missed something or I just don’t understand. does the template stay with the hexie even after sewn onto the towel? What happens to the template when you wash the towel?

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