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Isn’t it time for some MORE giveaway joy?? How about the new Cricut Mug Press???

Story Behind the Giveaways

We are so excited to start doing regular Cricut giveaways! Check out our new giveaway below!

Our NEW Cricut course just launched!


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Did you know we have some big news??


Our NEW Cricut course is live now!!


Listed below are some of the things included in our awesome new Cricut course called Cricut® Made Easy with Sweet Red Poppy™

19 Video Chapters! Over 4 hours of engaging, modern video to teach you everything about your Cricut!

Free E-Book! Over 180 pages of instructions, guides, tips, tricks and more!

30+ Printables! A TON of printable guides to print out to help you as you learn your machine and all the tools!

Printable Project Guides filled with step by step instructions. You get video AND written instructions!

16 different projects! Learn by actually DOING, not just by reading or watching. We walk you through every step!

Over 80 Quality SVG Files!

We cover all 3 Cricut machines! The Maker, The Explore Air 2, and the Joy!

Optional Facebook Support Group for all students enrolled in the course! Come ask questions, learn and share your beautiful projects with others!


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Prize List

Cricut Mug Press

Past Winners

December 2020: Alba Panuco (Cricut “Getting Festive” Mystery Box with Emerald Cutie)

November 2020: Hannah Lord (Canon PIXMA TS9521C), Suze Vinton (Canon PIXMA TS9521C), Lauren Morehouse (Lynn Lilly Glue Gun, 4 cans of Colorshot spray paint, & a $50 gift card to JOANN)

349 thoughts on “Sweet Red Poppy Giveaway”

    1. I’ve just found out that I am pregnant with my 5th child after having undergone a tubal ligation.

      We are in the works of opening a business in tampa where we’ve recently moved and are trying to set roots.

      This would be an amazing opportunity. To with this printer that would go hand in hand with the cri cut we are so desperately saving up for would be a second miracle in our lives.

      Here’s to hoping!!! Xoxo

    2. You have an amazing husband!!
      Godbless both of you !

      Yay for more giveaways! Lucky winners are having a great Christmas gift!!

    3. I would love to win this Cricut, I’m new to the Cricut maker and I’m having trouble getting the hang of it but I’m looking forward to seeing your videos. Thanks so much for your help. Judy

  1. The two of you make the cutest craft couple. Mr.Poppy has a fun spin on his IG posts
    Kim your the Ying and he’s your Yang!!

  2. I always wanted to own a craft printer but i couldn’t afford it. I’m so eager to create fun cute stickers for my kids and print myself my own pattern paper it’ll be amazing.

  3. It’s the first giveaway that I participate, I want and need this printer so much that I know God will give it to me

  4. marie a anderson

    What a great giveaway! Entered and already subscribe on all the extra entry links, will those count as extra entries? Just curious – keeping fingers crossed! Good luck everyone!

  5. What an awesome give-away! I need a printer so-so much! I would love to win, but I will do a happy dance for anyone who wins this wonderful prize!

  6. It would be awesome to win one of these printers. I have been out of work since February because of covid-19.

  7. Did all the things to earn more entries. Still says I only have one. Can’t re-follow things I’ve already followed. ‍♀️

  8. Gloria J Robinson

    I am having problems with my eyesight so I can’t work. I would love to have this printer to make beautiful items for Christmas Gifts. What a Blessing it would be to have.

  9. This would be a blessing to win for my small business. I’m a mom of 2 who’s currently unemployed due to COVID-19 that decided to start crafting and it’s going well but this printer has been in my dreams since day 1 that i saw it on another crafters IG, I’ve tried on amazon multiple times and never caught it on time. I would love to create more beautiful cake toppers and stickers also to experience the 12 x 12 printing offered with this printer. I follow both you and your husband, liked the post, commented, tagged some crafty friends, subscribed to your YouTube, signed up to the fest as well and i shared your post to my story’s. I hope I’m a lucky one this time around ☺️ Thank you!

  10. Josh & Kimberly,
    I love all the work you have put into making sewing and crafting teachable. I have benefited from your videos and workshops. Keep up the great work. I would love to win the cannon printer as my printer needs to be replaced.

  11. This would be perfect timing for me! My printer just died and none in stock at the stores. I have Christmas crafts to do! LOL. So keeping my fingers crossed. Looking forward to the Holiday Maker Fest!!

    Thank you teaching and sharing with us!

  12. Wow! What a great giveaway! I usually thank the person , in this case Red Poppy, thank you for holding the giveaway! But I have to say, I’m disabled and could never afford a craft printer. I’ll keep my fingers and toes crossed, but I really want to wish everyone good luck and I know who ever wins will be so overcome with joy!
    Thanks a Red Poppy!

  13. I would love to have it!! Hopefully I will win so that I could continue to make new things like crafting and printing new stuff.

  14. This is a great site. I have followed, saved and made from your free guides. I always give away my stuff to friends and family but now I need to do something for myself. Whoever wins this printer will be very happy. I know that I would be. Good luck everyone.

  15. Can anyone enter this draw? I live in Britain ? Your entry rules say only the residents of ANY can enter. What does that mean?


  16. Hi, I’d love to enter but I can’t find anywhere that says this is open to international entries, I’m in the UK. I’m thinking it’ll be USA only but thought I’d ask.
    Good luck to everyone.

  17. It would be a real blessing to win a craft copier/printer. It would help with my Cricut As I learn new skills. I love all your tutorials and I am enjoying the Ready, Set, Sew class and want to keep learning and enhancing my crafting skills. Retiring soon and as I start a new adventure I plan on crafting a lot more. Thank you and your husband for sharing your passion!


  18. In reading the rules, they read “The sweepstakes is open to the legal residents of the Any and is void where prohibited by law.” What does Any refer to?
    Does Canada apply to enter?

  19. Kim and Josh, I love your tutorials, IG posts, and your generosity in sharing so many ideas and instructions. This printer give-away is great and would bless me tremendously if I could win a printer. Thank you for the opportunity.

  20. I have wanted one of those printers for the last year. I can’t find it! I’m keeping my fingers crossed to win!

  21. Please check number 1 in the rules. It says you have to be a resident of THE ANY.
    I was checking to see if Canada is ok but it doesn’t say

  22. What an AWESOME giveaway Kim! I have learned so much from following your tutorials. Whenever I need to create something its Sweet Red Poppy to the rescue!

  23. I would love to own this printer. There are so many fabulous things I would do if I won it. Thank you so much for making it possible. Stay safe!

  24. I love the stuff you post, they are easy, fun and so creative! I am so excited about this giveaway! I am only in 8th grade, but LOVE to DIY, sew, make jewelry, make clay things, crochet and more! Your tutorials on youtube and on this site make everything easier! Thanks for doing this for people like me, who can’t usually find easy tutorials.

    1. Can’t wait to see the winners, fingers crossed! Thanks for making this possible! If I win this I have soo many things I would want to do with this!

  25. This printer would be a dream come true. I love scrapbooking. So a printer that would do photos and the other stuff would be amazing. I’m a RN on front lines. Life is more stressful than normal, this would be a great item to play with and help me relax when i to my scrapbooking.

  26. That’s very kind of you, In need of one for visual learning. Thank you for sharing all your professional diy. Best Regards

  27. What does it mean in the rules where it says it is open to “residents of the Any”? I live in Canada. Can I enter the giveaway?

  28. While I don’t use a lot of your posts, I can see where a younger person would. However, this kind of printer may be just what I need to spend a lot more time in my craft room. I am in it this afternoon cleaning up the mess and taking inventory. This will be all afternoon. I may send pictures.

  29. eeeeeek!! Fingers Crossed! I want to use printable vinyl to make badge reels for my fellow nurses on the pediatric unit I work on at the hospital, and this would be PERFECT to use with printable vinyl!!

  30. My daughter and I just opened our Etsy shop this summer. This printer would be perfect for our printing heat transfers.
    Thank you so much for this wonderful giveaway! You guys are amazing

  31. I would be very delighted if I won this Craft Printer. I could do so much projects with this. Be safe and have a beautiful day.

  32. I live on disability and am a U.S Veteran – with no benefits. I was discharged honorably, however early, due to family illness @ the request of the Red Cross. I have no prayer of ever having such a wonderful printer. I would finally be able to get patterns offline to sew.

  33. It would be awesome to win. And especially awesome to win this Canon Craft printer!
    Already a followers on YouTube and Pinterest. Just added the others.
    Already have Christmas on “lock-down” (pun intended). So, I’m skipping the registration for the classes.

    Thank you

  34. How funny that you both bought so many! My bank account surely would have been crying, and thinking it was fraud. Hahaha. What an awesome giveaway. Y’all are so generous

  35. What a blessing this would be for whoever won. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly be the one, also for all you do to enrich our craftsmanship and love of crafting!

  36. It would be amazing to win this printer!! Seriously my printer stopped working just last week, during a thunder storm, I even had it plugged into a pricy serge protector.

  37. Elizabeth Rodriguez

    Both of you have an amazing giving hearts ♥️ ♥️ For both to think of others and buy printers to give to your lucky followers and supporters is so kind of you. Thanks for thinking of us.

  38. I have been through so many printers it’s absolutely pathetic! LOL! Still hunting for a printer/scanner that is easy on ink! How is this Canon on ink?

  39. I love all of your content! You inspired me to start an etsy shop on the side and use the profits to help pay off my student debt! I would love this thing!!!

  40. I love all of your posts and tutorials. Always so creative and inspiring. I would love to win a printer, it would expand my crafting so Much. I would love to learn how to make a snow globe! My family loves them ❤️

  41. The tutorials and posts are so wonderful! I could actual do a print and cut if I had a printer. Right now I just have a black and white old printer for printing documents only. I would love to make a snowglobe. Expanding my crafting is always good!

  42. You two are adorable….so sweet that Josh is in on this with you. I laughed when you said that you both ordered the printers. That could so easily have been our home!
    Keep on smiling, Terri

  43. I found you on YouTube back in March while being quarantine. Received a sewing machine last year for Christmas and never opened the box until March 2020. I learned how to make mask with your channel. I made a few for family and friends. Enjoy your channel. Saw you at Maker Holiday Fest and enjoyed your faux stocking. If I have the time, I just might make it. My next project will be sewing after the holidays. I saw your Pinterest page. So that will be my next project.

  44. I would also love to win this I have an old (prior to wifi) printer I bought at an auction and seriously need a new one.

  45. I love all that you do! My daughter has used your patterns and I purchased the sewing class for her. I’m learning from both of you♥️

  46. Hi, I posted on the actual blog post. Those glittrr snow globe tumblers are too cute. You can color coordinate with your wardrobe without paying an arm and leg.
    Great giveaway!!

  47. The snow globe tumblers always seemed so intimidating to make but Kim’s tutorial made it seem so easy! This may be my next crafting fun project.

  48. Kaelani Mae Everitt

    thank you so much for giving everyone the opportunity to have the chance to win this! if i win , i know for sure i would love to start crafting new things especially for my small business ! love it !

  49. Just found through the Jennifer Maker fest. So happy to be here and learn from you. I dont own a printer right now so this woukd be great for ny scrapbooking, especially December Daily. Thanks and hello!

  50. this would be a blessing to win thus printer since i wanna start my business , i would love to be able to do all the beautiful staff you do ! im a fan of your work

  51. So grateful for all the events you put on— it shows how much you truly care about your followers/subscribers! Can’t wait to try my hand at snow globe tumblers!

  52. I am so excited! Thank you for giving someone an opportunity to win a printer like this one. Looking forward to it! Thank you!

  53. Im so excited for this giveaway, there are endless things I can do with this printer.

    I have watched the video on how to do the snowglobe tumblrs and im making it my next project!!!!

  54. Would love to win this printer! I have an inkjet but it’s old & gets jammed all the time!!
    Thank You for this giveaway!!!!!

  55. Dominique Samples

    I would love love love and be so grateful to win this printer. My printer recently went down and stopped working so this would be awesome and so appreciated! Fingers crossed. I’ve been wanting to make snowglobe tumblers for Christmas I’m excited to start that new project and love the video!!! Will definitely be helpful!

  56. I’ve done and followed all the steps! Your such an inspiration to me! It is because of you that I expanded my sewing knowledge and been brave enough to drill through a tumbler lol . So excited hope I win!

  57. I cant wait to see who wins but I been trying get my own set up to make video i would love to win .so I can make beautiful things specially win something nice as this can wait to see who get this beautiful machine but will pray to God it me lol Good luck to ALL. …..THIS WILL COME IN HANDY.

  58. Snow globe tumblers are such a cute idea for a gift. I have a list of everyone I want to make one for. Thank you for always sharing and inspiring the creative side in all of us!

  59. I’ve not heard of this printer before seeing your giveaway on Instagram, but it looks like it would be perfect for printing my cards and jewelry hang tags for craft fairs. Thanks for offering this giveaway! Sparkle on!

  60. Can’t wait to see all the things you guys come up with!!!!! Great blog. Love the tumblers!!!!!! Can wait to try it myself!!!

  61. Hello!
    I hope I’m in the right spot to comment about the snow globe tumblers. They are so pretty and I love that you can customize them per your liking. Definitely need to give them a try. Thank you for sharing as well as the printer giveaway! YAY!!! ❤️

  62. Hello!
    The snow globe tumblers are so pretty and I love that you can customize them per your liking. Definitely need to give them a try. Thank you for sharing the printer and doing a giveaway! YAY!!! ❤️

  63. Constance Pentzer

    This is more than a simple giveaway. It is enabling the receiver to act on dreams , to extend their creativity beyond the “wish to”, and to bring happiness to friends, family, and others.

    1. Love sewing and crafting with Mr. and Sweet Red Poppy. Keep the tutorials and patterns coming. Hey Mr. Sweet, did you get that Texas shirt made?

  64. Just purchased a Cricut maker, you video are amazing and helpful! Would love to win one. I’ve see some print,cut is needed in the design shop!

  65. I would love to have this printer, i was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s so my budget in buying a new printer will be allotted for my medical needs for now.. and since not all are aware of my condition, i am planning to make crafts related to Crohn’s awareness to help raise funds for my medical needs as well. Given the chance, this printer will help me achieve it esp. for my print and cut projects. thank you Ms. Kim for this opportunity. ♥️

  66. I love your blog and I started watching you on youtube when I came across your mask sewing videos. They are really great.
    I can see you put a lot of effort into your work and it’s appreciated.
    Would love to win this printer as I am working on a project to scan and fix all the old family photos. When I saw that this printer also prints out background papers and you can send things back and forth from printer to ipad, I thought this is the printer for me!

  67. Thank you for this opportunity!!
    I’ve been wanting a good printer and my daughter has been learning on how to make stickers.

  68. I would love this Printer. I need a good crafting printer. I make personalized paper dolls and this printer would be great for my projects. Thank you for this chance to win.

  69. Thanks so much for the give always. I enjoy everything you make. You are do detailed it makes me feel like a pro when my craft turns out!

  70. Thank you so much for the opportunity for the giveaway! My sister just brought a cricut joy, arriving on Monday. Thanks for being here.

  71. I would love love love to have this printer to help with my holiday crafts, especially since my regular printer died .

  72. I am so glad I found your site. You are an excellent teacher and your ideas and generosity are so refreshing. Really like the snow globes. Thank you!!!

  73. I first started watching when you were making easy to follow directions for face masks. Love your masks. Thanks for the opportunity to enter this drawing.

  74. Thanks for the giveaway.
    The glitter snowglobe tumblers are really fun & cute.
    Thanks so much on a tutorial for this project!

  75. I just started printing stickers and t-shirt iron-ons for my side business and would LOVE to have a new printer. Turns out my trusty brother doesn’t do as well with the stickers as I had hoped.

  76. I tried so many different face mask patterns but either they were too wide, too narrow- didn’t fit my hubby – he has a generous, Nobel nose and a generous face – most face coverings were one size which definitely did NOT fit all!
    Then I came across Sweet Red Poppy – and loved the name straight away- I raise funds every year for the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal – I am a Navy brat – raised in and around the Royal Navy – divers arena. My Dad was a Clearance Diver – that means he defused underwater bombs. Yes he was an underwater bomb disposal diver. Every day we kissed him good bye in case he never came home. We were lucky- we kept hold of him until he died aged 68yrs when he died of a complication of his vascular dementia. The Poppy Appeal became even more important to us. So your company’s name just jumped out at me – and the pattern was perfect – all the different sizes – meant I could (still do) make face coverings for all my family and friends – and me! I was also part of a group (Ashford Scrubbers) who made Scrub kits for our local hospital during the very first lockdown – our group made over 20,000 kits and part kits for the local hospital and surgeries. The kit comprised – tunic top; elastics red waisted trousers; kit bag; ear savers (all lined and size tagged). We also made face coverings for local GP surgeries and dentists. The Sweet Red Poppy pattern was the most favourite choice of most of our seamstresses (200+). I also love all the other sweet designs you do – the instructions are clear and easy to follow and the diagrams/photos and videos explain everything so well that I want to make them there and then. My old printer has finally died (last week- we have a list of things we need to print – and I have a backlog of patterns to print and decorations and Christmas face coverings to make – my pattern pieces are so well used that the edges are torn and ruffled they are no longer usable!! So incase you didn’t get the message- We LOVE Sweet Red Poppy designs and patterns. ❤️❤️❤️

  77. What a novel idea! Had no idea this would so easy to do. Thanks for the advice on how to use the UV resin without a UV light.

  78. I am so looking forward to Crafting Christmas with you guys. I would be great to win but if I don’t that’s fine. Enjoying the craftiness.

  79. The snow globe tumblers would be such a fun gift to give to my family members or have already wrapped up for one of those unexpected gifts!

  80. Thank you for the giveaway but most of all thank you for all the great inspiration! You make crafting and sewing fun.

  81. That is so nice of you guys to do this!
    I have a printer that’s only black and white. Winning this printer means I can try out those cute stthings you showed once and other thigs.

  82. I’m so glad to see this contest. A friend was helping me move, was carrying too much, dropped a number of things all in a pile. At the bottom was my printer! Broken! Can’t hold it against her for she was trying to help. I’ve been looking for one, but they’ve been sold out. Eventually, I’ll have to try online. Glad I entered!

  83. You have great crafting ideas. I love the Snow Globe Tumblers!!!
    They are so colorful and pretty, love the glitter. It would be beyond awesome to win a gift like the printer that you are giving away. Awesome!!!

  84. This is a great opportunity!! So excited for this giveaway. Thank you for sharing all your ideas with us, love all the crafts!!

  85. I tried to get a maker and my order kept getting cancelled causing me to miss out. Currently waiting on restock and who knows when that’ll be. To win this would be so sweet!

  86. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you
    I tried entering through Instagram and the app freaked out on me while I was trying to do the bonus entries and quit so I opened it in a webpage and tried it again….. hopefully I didn’t just disqualify myself

  87. Thank you for the opportunity to enter. I found your great blog at the beginning of covid looking for mask patterns to make for our community. Your generosity has enabled others to pay it forward.

  88. Kerry-anne Voutan

    I love these designs, Thanks for the tips. Learning alot. Can’t wait to get one so I can start creating amazing items.

  89. This is my FIRST giveaway entry and I’m excited! New to the cricut experience and I’m LOVING this blog! It makes the machine so much less intimidating. Thanks for putting my fears into words and sharing your experience and knowledge! Happy Holidays!

  90. Just got my cricut for my birthday. So excited to learn more about using it!! Thanks for all your guidance and inspiration.

  91. Love love all your content and feel inspired to do good good and giveback with all your family love and encouragement in this crafty community. Hugs and stay blessed.

  92. This is awesome my birthday is next week I would love to win! I have a cricut explore and love it! It’s just time for an upgrade. I also would love to explore new projects!

    1. I don’t have a Cricut, but would love to jump in and see what it is all about. Sooo many great projects out there!

  93. Good luck to everyone who enters! This is such a great website and your crafting skills are amazing! I just taught myself how to make masks, so now I can create even more with your inspiration. Thank you so much!
    Rachael Davis

  94. Avionne McClatchie

    This is an amazing gesture. It would be beyond wonderful for me to win a Cricut Maker to end this difficult year with some optimism!

  95. I absolutely NEED this! As a new mom, it would be amazing to create super fun things like my inspiration Sweet Red Poppy with one of these.

  96. This would be wonderful to share with my granddaughter so we could make designer clothes for her and as gifts for friends. I love it.

  97. This would be a dream come true, just found the wonderful world of Cricut. Have subscribed and learnt so much thru your blog and YouTube channel.
    Blessings xx

  98. Heather Blansett

    I so can’t wait die this new cricut course. Your sewing course helped me not feel intimated by my sewing machine, and now I can’t wait for your new course to help me not feel so intimidated by my new Cricut! Thank you!!

  99. Rebecca Campbell

    Thank You Do Much Fit This Opportunity , I chronic pain & using my Big Shot causes my pain level to go way up & having a Cricut would making crafting as enjoyable as it used to be Again
    Thank You

  100. Great opportunity! Great blog, love reading all your posts. Give me great ideas. Used your mask and scrub hat patterns for frontline workers!
    Thank you, Donna

  101. Rungchit Buranapaisarnsak

    That’s so generous! Thank you very much for the opportunity to enter the giveaway. And thank you for all your tips and posts. I love it all!!!

  102. Thank you for all the tutorials and information. I’m so glad you keep us up to date on the latest fun crafting machines/tools. Winning the Cricut mug press would be awesome!!

  103. I have been waiting for ten tears for a company to make a tool like this!! YAY!! I would LOVE to win this item.

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