Let's Craft Together!!! Hello, my Sweet Red Poppy friend! And welcome to the Poppy Club! I'm so glad you are here and so grateful for you!

By becoming a Sweet Red Poppy patron, you will have immediate access to a private Facebook group of like-minded crafters, sewists and friends! You will have special access to printables, SVGs, PDF patterns, videos, tutorials, FB lives, Zoom crafting nights and more! But more importantly, you will be one of the Poppies! A crafting friend, a sewing buddy, a Cricut mentor, a listening ear, a mental health supporter, a positivity-spreader. Poppies are there for each other, through the good times and the bad!

I love to teach crafting and sewing skills. But my main goal is to help YOU live your best crafty and creative life! I take pride in creating this supportive community around crafting! A community where we all communicate, encourage, and champion each other as creators, crafters and friends! Life is hard and we should turn to each other when it's rough! It's time to bring back the fun of crafting with patron-only Facebook Lives and exclusive Zoom video craft nights! I hope you will join us! After hundreds of requests, I started this group so we can have a more intimate crafting/sewing/Cricut relationship! A close, tight-knit community of Poppies! (Don't you just love that name!) This group will provide community, friendship and so much more. I love helping us grow our talents and encouraging us to all share, learn and grow our skills together. I'm so excited for you to join our incredible, exclusive group and thank you for supporting me and my dream of inspiring everyone to live a creative life!  All my best, Kim PS. Keep in mind your account begins right when you sign up and on the first of each month after that. Thank you for being part of this crafting community!