Thermoweb Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Lite

Thermoweb Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Lite


As an avid seamstress, I’m always on the lookout for new techniques to make my sewing process faster and more efficient. One of my favorite products that I’ve come across is Thermoweb Heat N Bond Soft Stretch Lite.


This hem tape is a miracle worker when it comes to sewing with knits. Because I don’t own a cover stitch machine, getting a clean hem on a stretchy knit can be a bit tricky. Once I discovered Soft Stretch Lite about a year ago I’ve used it on every single hem since then.

To use Soft Stretch Lite you will need to apply it to the wrong side of the hem. I really like that it has a liner on one side because that allows the position of the hem tape to be more precise.


Iron the hem tape along the entire hem and let it cool. Peel back the liner from the hem tape. If you peel the liner away and see any residue on the liner the tape hasn’t had sufficient heat to fully adhere to the hem. Give it a bit more heat and try again.


Once the liner has been removed, fold the hem upwards 5/8ths of an inch and press using plenty of steam. Check to make sure the entire hem has adhered properly.


You can leave the hem unsewn if you prefer or you can sew over it. If you choose to sew over it the hem tape acts as a stabilizer allowing you to sew the hem without it stretching out or becoming distorted.



I used Soft Stretch Lite on both my dress hem and sleeve hems. It adds the perfect amount of weight to give a crisp hem without adding any additional bulk.


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